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  1. No, vista64 and exp 8. Giving Win 7 a bit longer to let any bugs iron out and for drivers to be fully available ( I had issues when I first tried Vista !!!!). Thanks again for help.
  2. Bert ignore the last message, i forgot to shut down IE then start again, all is fine now !! Thanks for the help Cheers , Brianh
  3. Thanks Bert but no change, still says invalid zip file for both files when trying to open with winzip , no problem from other sites tho even with http1.1 cheers Brian H
  4. Hello, can anyone assist please? I tried to download two files from the aircraft download page - astir and the default fsx glider upgraded file. But neither will open in winzip. It says non valid zip file. I downloaded them again after deleting from pc but still got the same error message . cheers Brian H
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