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  1. That's it, it randomly spikes as soon as I give it a bare touch. Will look into a new one. Thanks!
  2. I’ll try doing that, but I suppose that it’s pretty necessary for the well functioning of the app, what do I replace it with?
  3. I did at first and then turned it off and nothing changed so the rudder kept turning. I tried using a 787 and it did the same thing so it must be a general fsx issue It’s FSX:SE and it does it for every type of aircraft
  4. Hello, I am writing this e-mail as I am pretty disappointed and cannot play the game correctly. For some reason, everytime I launch a flight, my rudder activates itself (basically meaning that everytime I start the plane and the hydraulic systems, the rudder is automatically (without me pressing anything) going to turn left or right). This happens all the time and takes complete control of thw aircraft disallowing me to make any turns. So whenever I start taxiing, the rudder will start turning whatsoever direction and I won’t have any control over it. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I cannot play the game until the solution is found.
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