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  1. Mathijs


    Is it possible to PM you ? I dont know how if it is-this is a business related topic-not selling anything but simply business development matter.



  2. Thanks for message - I do have others but confess that I am an AS supporter/lover simply for the reason that I like to fly and not study - I really like the co-pilot feature who takes care of the checklists etc for me. (This is coded for I am not really that comfortable or clever with the others and especially not BOEING flying. Way too complicated for me !) So I think I must wait for a nice convenient update t put things right through the updater. (Oh and maybe deselect the 'experimental' setting) ! #toooldtolearn
  3. Is there a possibility that the updater can take care of the rollback ? re-installing is a real pain for dumb folk like me. Can someone explain what is the COMPANY MESSAGE that now appears telling me ? (Sorry if thats a stupid question) I have exactly same problem as all
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