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  1. Mathijs, thanks for a frank and reasonable update. What is, I hope, very re-assuring for you guys is that there is demand for the A330, lots of interest from folk keen to get there hands on a bigger bus, that allows those who simply want to fly (The whole captain experience, rather than being some kind of technical 'meddler' tweaking tomatoes and adjusting the finer details) - the is in my very humble opinion what and how your products position themselves. So I declare myself as a buyer, when its ready and stable enough for me to get my Kick. To further open this up, for me and me only, the real differentiation is the function of the selectable actions of the co-pilot, giving the option for the user (me) to decide, do I want to click the switches through checklists or simply 'outsource' these clicks to my co-pilot. This functionality is utterly spot on for me.That is why I love AS A3xxx so much and I am so excited about the possibility to fly Long Haul (318 KJFK to London City excepted) and something a bit bigger ! So my question, do you see enhancement to this functionality ? Do you see some increased possibility to rely upon the co-pilot, is there anything else that the co-pilot does in real life that is not done in the AS bus ? Perhaps in the loading of the route or in the INIT/flight plan input or handling ATC ? (real life pilots may be able to shed light on an amateur, home user...(sorry Lockheed, for me its a combination of learning & leisure) One other question, perhaps a little stupid as it is purely an immersion question and potentially laughable to some, I don'k know... when I select co-pilot ON and he or she starts running through the checklist for me...the seat next to me is still empty. Can co-pilot be modelled based on selected or not? (and if anyone accuses me of asking a completely stupid request, I will cry and consider my self being bullied by overly technical and serious people)
  2. Thanks for message - I do have others but confess that I am an AS supporter/lover simply for the reason that I like to fly and not study - I really like the co-pilot feature who takes care of the checklists etc for me. (This is coded for I am not really that comfortable or clever with the others and especially not BOEING flying. Way too complicated for me !) So I think I must wait for a nice convenient update t put things right through the updater. (Oh and maybe deselect the 'experimental' setting) ! #toooldtolearn
  3. Is there a possibility that the updater can take care of the rollback ? re-installing is a real pain for dumb folk like me. Can someone explain what is the COMPANY MESSAGE that now appears telling me ? (Sorry if thats a stupid question) I have exactly same problem as all
  4. Mathijs, totally fair answer and yes the fact that your are actually communicating is better than a zero comment route. It would appear that this particular product is awaited by many. You will know the commerciality of the product but I must confess that I am surprised that the team size is so small ? Does it simply not make sense to ramp up the team size ? Is it really so difficult to make money from this market ? (You can see I know little about the business, despite being responsible for a gaming development cluster) I ask as I am professionally inquisitive and have resources available in the sector.
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