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  1. Hello everyone! Are these markings at Madrid supposed to read three time B767? Best regards!
  2. Hi Emerson, Sorry to hear that you are having problems too. Unfortunately, my problem is not related to yours since I am having between 20/25 - 30 fps. I am just experiencing a lot of stutters when flying the bus, regardless of how low I end up running P3D. As Dave stated, if your system is not able to keep at least 18 fps with the bus, then you will be experiencing erratic movements as you are (there are quite a few post on the forum about this). Best regards, Andrés.
  3. Thank you, Otto. No worries. Not strange movements, but rather issues with the aircraft performance. I am having between 20 and 30 fps. I am using ASN as my weather add-on, but have tested the aircraft without any add-ons and the results are the same. I have even moved ALL the graphics sliders to the left, but no luck at all: the aircraft still stutters. Thank you and best regards! Andrés.
  4. Hi! Can anybody help me please? Should I email support directly? Regards! Andrés.
  5. Hello everyone! First of all let me say how impressed I am with the modeling. It is amazing. I have been experiencing issues with the aircraft: stutters. Despite of the settings adjustments and the information available on this forum, I have not been able to make the aircraft stable on the sim, whether on the outside or on the VC. Furthermore, I have noticed that the frame rates are fluctuating a lot. I spent the last couple of days carefully reading the manual and some recommendations made on this forum but I have not had success. For ease, here are my specs: · P3D V4.3 · Windows 7 · GTX 1060 (6GB GDDR5) · i7-4790 CPU · Samsung S22D300HY monitor (1920 x 1080 @ 60Hz via HDMI) No problems whatsoever with other aircraft (hope no one takes this as criticism. Just calling my experience out with other add-ons). Thanks in advance! Andrés R.
  6. Thank you guys! Just wondering when the paint kit will be available or how it will work? Anyway, THE best complement for the sim so far
  7. Life without challenges is a wasted life, that’s why we have to act in positive, think in positive and life in positive. And with that kind of attitude I will repeat to myself: "Nothing is a problem for me, ‘cause I’ll see every problem as a challenge, so let challenges come!

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