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  1. don't feel bad, i landed out the first 2 times that i tried it if you get the full version of cumx you will get a wing tilt when hitting lift which helps to see which side the lift is on after i got the full version i managed to finish the race try, try again
  2. The Hilltown - Blairstown Goal and Return Race DiscusX required CumulusX recomended SimLogger sugested A 40nm leg g&r thermal race on a late spring day. The wind is light from the west. The start is yaht style, 10 mins from now. All 5 contestants are currently in the air. You have yourself closest to the start line, it's farther away then it looks .... Hold that left turn you are in, i'll bet that thermal is gonna pop in about a minute ....... off to the races ......... Download from http://www.box.net/shared/kln0jdrzvu
  3. great race reporting! it's just a shame that the race specs called for a winch launch that day ...... hodge - glad you came along for the ride, but you started with an aerotow ..........
  4. i think i got it this time ........
  5. here are my 2 best attempts, a 58:28 and a 59.29 or mabe not .....
  6. current winch record 58:28.6 by ....... me peter - i started with a 9k limit, and made it around the course in 1:02 hodge wanted me to leave it there, but i changed it to 10k the margin on the gaps - it's all desciding the speed to fly do i fly fast and burn altitude, and have extra energy to punch thru the sink or do i fly slow and get there higher, but be slower going thru the sink it's all about seat of the pants flying, and eyeing the angle i never ment this to be an easy course, if you complete the race you shoould be very happy with your flight
  7. Contest Details : The LSMC Fly-off - A flight for pilots that enjoy working to achive their goals. A challengeing task to test your skills. Weather Details : The wind is from the NW, 11 kts at airfield level, increasing with altitude. Limits : The Tow limit is 6,500 ft. The altitude limit today is 10,000 ft. Race Details : Tp1 Hdg345 20.5mn. Tp2 Hdg214 39.8nm. Finish Hdg064 30.3nm. The TPs have a 500 meter diameter today. Start Details : Due to your inability to properly set your alarm clock last nite, you are a little late in getting into the air this morning. Your race start time is 7 & 1/2 minutes from now. You can either use the winch ( WinchX - default settings ) or the tow plane - Ctrl Shift Y The start gate location is indicated by the black lines on the map and the large arrows stuck into the ridge. The timer on your canopy is the count down to the start of the race timer. Do not exit the start box before this timer expires! The start of the Race will be called on the radio, the timer will count thru zero, and the arrows will evaporate. You may then proceed on your way. Rental Return Details : Apon completion of the race, please return my sailplane anywhere on the airfield. hodge said we should all struggle thru this alone ...... filename LsmcFlyoff.zip http://www.box.net/shared/o0ibtoidpu
  8. had a slow start, chased hodge for a bit, got passed before tp2, but got there first 1:06:53.7 SpudLowz-1-06-53-7.zip
  9. just had to do it again 1:07:27.7 LowzSpud-1-07-27-7.zip
  10. just to keep hodge cussin .... i descided to try again how bout 1:09:46.1? LowzSpud-1-09-46-1.zip
  11. i put a new zip up, if you can't see the mission, d/l new zip and try again i just got a 1:10:28.1 - try again hodge LowzSpud-1-10-28-1.zip
  12. i got a 1:19:31.8 Spud-1-19-31-8.zip
  13. Did you ever wonder what b21's Austrian Day 2 race would be like with CumulusX? Well, today is your lucky day! The LOWZ flyoff - 5 pilots flying at the same time around the course after a yacht style start Soar DG808S, CumulusX, and sim_logger required file name LowzFlyoff.zip http://www.box.net/shared/o0ibtoidpu
  14. here is a direct link to the folder http://www.box.net/shared/o0ibtoidpu the zip of the race is named LszsFlyoff.zip the mission comes with 4 igcs ( the first 4 times i flew the course ) when you can beat thoes guys and want real race download LszsIgc.zip in fsx...missions\soaring\lszs\mission are the igc files delete the 4 vspud files and extract the files from lszsigcs.zip into that folder hodge (H07) has the best time so far
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