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  1. Any news about the progress ?? Are the Aerosoft Flight Simulator project terminated og is't still in progress ??
  2. I don't know if it the right place... But please don't implant the shadows from buildings/aircrafts when it's overcast/rain/snow etc. I also newer have seen a rainbow in FS9/FSX when there's rain and sun at the same time...
  3. I would like to have the map Print able to VFR flights
  4. What about a Virtual Airline assignment and record system... It could be greate to book directly to a Virtual Airline inside the AFS12 incl. the oppertunity to book it online on IVAO or VATSIM...
  5. Well... I never use the Record flight (because you can't use it for YouTube or offline players), but it could be great to have some data colletion there could play your flight so you can make a video from different angels, and then save it as a .WMF, .AVI etc. I newer use the the multiplayer or the Tower (because IVAO and VATSIM is that mutch better... I newer use the ATC because it's so unreal (unless I go online :-D).. I never use the Default plane, because they are not "as real at it gets" I never use the default trafic - You can guess why... I never use the default weather... ASA/REX II is duing this SO well... I never use the Ingame hardware Setting - FSUIPC and editing in the setting-files are just that easyer... I could go on... Best Regards, Leif Bramsing Denmark
  6. Nice that you consider this... One thing I hate with FSX is the way you setup your hardware... Not all options in the Sim are availble in the Setup... Therefor I use FSUIPC to control all my hardware and delete all settings in FSX setup... It could be great if you made all possible options availble in some advanced setup and link it to an fully documented SDK About license... What about to make a volume license ?? Buy one for $ 99.- buy 2 for $ 159.- Buy 3 for $ 199.- (just price examples) - And with a later possibility to uptain more licenses when you need it and then collect the volume discount... Another thing I would like to have, is a "2 core system"... One core the Server computer there give it all, and then a (near)free core from multiply client pc's, there have a two way communication, with the server PC, where you can setup aditional panels, Maps, you name it, but no hard graphics (external views, VC etc.) *EDIT* Another thing I would like to have included is a fully integrated Shared Cockpit funktion over LAN and Internet (tcp/ip) I hope you understand what I mean.. Best regards, Leif Bramsing Denmark
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