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  1. Personally, If they include dx11 support (which is it will im guessing) would be amazing, but gotta remember they are building a Flight simulator and to get it right. unlike MS takes alot of time. personally i'd like to see this game well optimized for the PC right out of the Box. which no doubt it will be.
  2. I would have to say that if you were too add any other boeing aircraft other than the ones already in fsx It would have to be the 787 DreamLiner
  3. well heres my 2 cents. why not just have a completely different package for cockpit builders. IE it includes 2 licenses one and 2 separate installers if it works that way, one for the interments and one for everything else. what ya guys think? edit: as long as the poster above me is talkin about graphics, my suggestion is to make the game dx11 compatible. I am planning on getting a dx11 card ie: 5970 when i get the cash. so imagine dx11 AFS2012
  4. a suggestion for fighters mostly have a Lights_EXT_Afterburn IE when you hit afterburner it will illuminate the ground around it.
  5. One thing i would love to see in this new sim would be sonic boom effects and sounds. and i agree with dylan if your in a fighter and doing a loop for example as he says it should be bumpy and stuff. Edit: also mabye add some insane water fx IE, if you are flying in a F-18 for example extremely low you would see the wake behind the airplane, being able to add 3rd party airplanes/helos/scenery is a must for you guys. Im being truthful here. if you dont put that in you will lose alot of customers Edit again: i agree with dylan again. having a realistic ATC for emergencys and such would be the best. mabye even add it so if you are landing with no gear your plane WONT instantly crash. also if you do a bad emergency landing your plane will start to burn and AI firetrucks would come out and extinguish the fire. side note: it would be awsome if you guys got a updated version of KSEA since the new runway is installed Edit: on the topic of the "user forum" I have been in a game that has testers in updated content. I can have proof of this. I am willing to sign a NDA and give proof of my identity to be able to access that forum. Edit: if any1 wants to know the company it is K2 Networks (Gamersfirst) the game was War Rock. A free MMOFPS.
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