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  1. Hi, I seem to have problems with the new AS A3XX Livery installer. I had the SN Brussels airlines installed before I updated the aircraft to version 1.3.10 Now this livery has vanished and I can"t seem to reinstall it with this software. Ideas please. Thanks, John.
  2. Hey Mopperle, Installed V4.5.14 and that did it. Worked out a flight till cruise, now onto descent, approach and landing. šŸµ Had to update my chaseplane because of compatibility issues; Chaseplane is now in the hands of ORBX. Stil no gps data on the "MCDU", "DATA", "GPS", "MONITOR" -page; see below. (although GPS1 position follows). Nevertheless, I think this topic may be closed. I will keep an eye for an eventual reply but I'll focus on the next phase in my flight. Thanks again and kind regards. John.
  3. Hi Mopperle, Thanks for the info. I thought I had installed version but there may have gone something wrong. Now I have version I try to install this now and keep version 5 until later, when info on the compatibility with Aerosoft Airbus is available. I'll run your program ASversion... to see if things worked out allright. I'll also keep you informed and monitor Mathijs Kok"s topic on the subject. My gratitude again and kind regards, John.
  4. Hi Mopperle, The outflow was the following in attachment : Thanks for the swift reply. returnfile.txt Another question out of topic, but very small. I just bought P3D v5, can I install on top of v4 without loosing settings? Thanks.
  5. Hi fellow simmers, Let me start by saying that I hope that everyone here and your families and surroundings stay healthy. I am new to airbus (flown a few thousand miles with different Boeings) and wanted to try out the best aircraft on the simmarket. I've read the topic about the aircraft not following the flightplan and was sure to enter every single item correctly into the MCDU. I followed the checklist with and without copilot and followed it surgically, but nothing changes. The airplane never reaches the first waypoint and when on cruising alt the checklist remain
  6. Hello all, Earlier this week I downloaded the Flight Keeper 3.1 and after reading the manual and making an extensive trial decided to go for the full version. Trying to update my installed version was a no-no, that didn't work out. So I went to the site and bought the software. Great was my surprise to notice the following in the accompanying e-mail : > You will find all details about your order (including a detailed invoice) at the following location: > Detailed Invoice: https://aerosoft-sho.../account_his... > These details include your serial codes, download links etc.
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