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  1. Hello Pelle, thank you very much for the new release. Of course, i have installed it immediately and it works very very well with the additional legfilter by day. Many thanks for that because i really need your tool a lot because it´s where everything starts. For me it´s like a duty planner, for which flights for Eurowings or Lufthansa today i´am in charge and i can´t imagine how it would be without it. Kind Regards Bernd
  2. Hi Pelle, i´am far from willing to get you in hurry, of course. I just want to remember that i´am on version 1.18, still... :)
  3. I guessed that So i assume if the list would contain Saturday only i. ex. i´am really really happy, because it´s exactly what i was demanding. Pelle, many many thanks for your effort and of course i can´t await when this updated version comes available. Bernd
  4. Hi Pelle, wow, that´s absolutely great and i really appreciate your attention to my request. You know, i use your great tool every day to plan my "workday" and which legs i have to serve for Eurowings and Lufthansa. Because of timely manner this helps a lot, if the spare time you have to "fly" as real as it gets, that i can decide and plan from this grat stuff, if i can manage a two-, or three- , or even four legs working day as a pilot. (Of course a allways fly in real-time) But i don´t understand the third screenshot. If the legsfilter is set to show the legs for saturday only, why do i see Dep MO, TU, WE, still. I would exspect the list shows only the SA legs?!? The time filter seems to work well as the listing contains only legs between 10 h and 12 h, which is great so far.
  5. just a very little issue, but worth to eliminate. If i setup a quick flight scenario where LFMN(Nice) is the departure airport, the important SID INITIAL CLIMB charts are not shown for LFMN. They are existing, because if i choose LFMN via the airports section they are available. Just not in the quick flight section. I appreciate if it would be fixed. Cheers Bernd
  6. Hi all, yesterday i was piloting a sheduled flight for Lufthansa from EDDF to LSGG and return. At LSGG, after the aircraft was ready boarded and we made the last preperations in the cockpit for departure, there was a very bright light, which looked like a star, overflying the airport at a fairly high speed. At first sight it looked like very bright landing lights from an aircraft, but once it was nealy direct above the apron the was no aircraft. It was just this very bright light and then it disapeared into the clouds. At that moment i was a little bit confused, but have had to laugh out loud for this "easteregg". My question is, if anyone of you have ever seen this kind of U.F.O. within P3D v5.1. At this point i´am not sure if this kind of joke is coming from the LM, or the devs of Aerosofts LSGG, because of the near CERN and E. v. Daenicken? May someone can puit some light on it. Or do i need to get in contact with Erich von Daenicken maybe? Cheers
  7. Ha! Got it! No, i didn´t try to reinstall, but i have run the config tool once again and de-activated "Sode-Animations", closed and start config again and activated Sode animations again. Now the runway lights iluminated again. Nevertheless it´s embarrassing that a solution is so easy lying direct in front of your eyes, i let you know, in case someone else struggles from this.
  8. Happy new year Bob, yes, i´ve seen this and it´s the known SODE issue of MA Geneva. I have done the mentioned workarround yesterday and it fixed it. Now Sode Jetways working properly even at LSGG. But on the other hand, that doesn´t fix my issue with the missing Runway lights of ENGM. Any Idea?
  9. Hi Bob, i have Oslo 2.0 -P3dv5 Version, SODE version1.7.1 and attached you´ll find my Sode.log I appreciate your help. Cheers Bernd SODE.log
  10. Hi Herman, thank you for your quick reply. I´ve did what you mentioned and closed all notams, but still no RW lights. Indeed i´am using TOGA EnvShade and EnvTex. Do you have further informations, if there´s an interference? Oh, sorry, i ´ve forgot some informations about my system. - P3D V5.1 HF2 - AktiveSky+ASCA - EnvShade+EnvTex
  11. Same issue here. Never had that in the former version with AS for waether. Very Anoying,
  12. May be i´am too stupid or blind but i can´t find in the manual an advice related to the runway lights. I have the same issue with ENGM. May someone could head my nose to the settings which needs to be what? Oh, and Merry Christmas to all who read this and to the whole Aerosoftlers and all the Developers.
  13. Hi Pelle, thank you for the hints, but that is how i´am already doing it. My search is filtered to Lufthansa and Eurowings only and for Flights in a range of 3 hours usualIy. But of course there are still a lot of flights shown outbound from German airports. I thought i could save to scroll thru the legs listing. Because i´am usually flying on Saturday and Sunday i allways have to scroll down very far on each airport to find the legs and allways i have to start again for each airport at the top of the list, because the listing is allways starting on monday. It´s just wish and something for a future release, if it´s technically possible may be. If not, it´s ok also. But bear in mind, if someday you will read in the news that there was a skeleton found in germany with a pad in his hands running FlightplanVisualizer, it´s may be me, gone by while searching for my legs. Merry Christmas to you and your Family Bernd
  14. Ein einem heutigen "vernünftigen" Tablet sorgen Silizium-Ionen Akkus für die Stromversorgung, so wie die in Smartphones. Die haben eine lange Lebensdauer, lange Laufzeit und leiden nicht unter den üblichen Ermüdungserscheinungen wie dies bei älteren Laptops oder Tablets vielleicht noch der Fall war. Mein Surface von MS ist nicht das tuerste (rd. 500 EUR). Der Akku hält im Betrieb gute 10 bis 12 Stunden und ist schnell aufgeladen. Dazu ist es leicht und was am wichtigsten für mich ist: Windows 10 kompatibel.
  15. Bitte nicht falsch verstehen was der Captain Ingo meint. Im Prinzip will er sagen, dass man als Realpilot das Kartenmaterial heutzutage auf einem separaten Tablet hat, anstelle der Papierkarten wie es früher üblich war. Die in vielen Fliegern heutzutage eingebauten EFB Monitore sind eine Unterstützung der Piloten für diverse Dinge wie Treibstoffberechnungen via Smartcockpit, und Moving Maps und sowas, dienen aber Primär nicht der Flugvorbereitung und Planung. Die Piloten haben dafür eben ein separates Pad wo die Karten besser zu handeln sind wie wir es mit Navigraph oder NavDataProCharts kennen. U. a. sind darin auch die QRH´s und FCTM´s abrufbar und besser zu lesen. Ich benutze dafür z. B. ein Windows Surface PC als Pad und habe in meinem Cockpit einen weiteren Touchscreen am Fenster als EFB.
  16. Hello Pele, i´am using you great tool every day and i can´t even know how we could live without it. But there is a small improvement i would like to request. Is it somehow possible to filter or restrict the shown legs of an Airport by the current date or better a specific day of the week. When i´am looking for an actual flight by Lufthansa for instance outbounding EDDM i usually go to eddm and have look at the legs tab. Even i have restricted my search already to show only the flightplan for Lufthansa it would be nice if i could restrict the legs shown only for a specific day. If i want to know to where i could pilot a LH flight outbound from EDDM on Sunday arround 1700 UTC i allways have to scroll thru all legs from Monday to Sunday to find one. Or is there another way? You know it´s about to improve something what is already one of best of the best.
  17. If that´s the case, it would something to think off, to add somehow the "effective" range in the chartcolum , or something else which let the chart recognize from each other...
  18. just saw that this was already discussed in another topic, sorry. If this comes from LIDO it´s maybe a feature rather than an issue. Could it be that the real pilots want to have both, the former and actual charts in access, to see what was revised?!? In this case, it´s maybe a option to "flag" the revised charts in the NDP chartviewer somehow...
  19. I noticed that with the latest version of CDP Charts for Windows desktop i have doubled charts show. It´s not the case for all but for most of them for most of the airports. I have App-Version 0.1.40 in use. cheers
  20. i have experienced the same at that gate. It happens aswell when you arrive at that Gate with an A320. Once the VDSG give the "stop" signal the aircraft is not as near to the gate as it should and you get in trouble with the Jetway not docking or weird. Even GSX says "no Jetway which can used at this position", but it´s recognizes the Sode JW as present.In outside view you can also see, that the nosewheel isn´t far enough. It even is not at the first stopmarking on the ground. As far i could test yet it´s only an issue at this specific gate. If you use the slewfunction to position the ac correct, the VDSG shows the message "TOO FAR"
  21. Mathijs, i don´t understand how you could even have little doubt, if it´s opens...tz.tz.. But anyway, an actual "revison" would be very appreciated for BER for P3D. As i have seen there will be an updated version for MSFS.
  22. Oliver and Fabio, Top of library is not good if other add-ons are in use. Beat578 said it right. The insertion point of OrbX Airports should be below the lowest "non-Orbx airport". If there is an airport which is not injected by an add-on.xml but via the legacy scenery.cfg, the insertion point should be set below that add on. To Fabio i recommend to take a look at Lorby´s add-on organizer. Especially if you have competing add-on injectors like OrbX, you stay in control what is where ordered in your SIM.
  23. well, it came up for me surprisingly too, because all other V5 installers for blearic islands, Heathrow, Barcelona, Madrid, etc. did their job well. It´s just for head up that there could be something not 100 % right and because the installers stay available in you customer account, it´s worth to make sure everything is as it should be...
  24. exactly that! Indeed it´s a little bit of bad english. It shouls say "copy into..." instead of copy below...
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