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  1. Nevermind, I just solved the problem. The addon had created a new folder under users which had put all the aerosoft files under, i moved it to the actual folder it was supposed to be in (the one named after the profile on the computer). The problem was never with what nav data i had installed, it was with the location of half of the data in the addon. Thank you for all the help guys.
  2. I tried reinstalling the aircraft and completed all the steps, but it still won't show up.
  3. Thank you, I will keep posted once everything is complete (sometime tomorrow max)
  4. I agree, I was referring to a problem with this specific installation, and would like some guidance on how to completely wipe and reinstall all data from the aircraft.
  5. Thank you, I have done all of these things but I'm thinking the problem is with the actual aircraft because when I reinstalled it, all the original Nav Data from the installation was in the A3XX NavData folder, as it should be. It still said 0 in the aircraft CDU. I also noticed when reinstalling, that the Aerososft folder in my root P3D isnt there anymore.
  6. Update: I tried reinstalling the Airbus A320 Professional, and the Nav Data still wouldn't load.
  7. I tried using this, but it still didnt work. I looked closely in the file and saw this remark: // Remark: // All "x86..." paths are relative from FSX main folder, while "x64..." paths (for P3D) are relative from "<Documents>\Aerosoft\General\" folder. // useNavDataPro=1 loads NavDataPro database // useNavDataPro=0 loads Navigraph database i tried removing x86 and x64 and it still wouldn't load.
  8. I also was thinking there was a problem with the NavData.ini file, here it is: useNavDataPro=0 x86PathNavDataPro=Aerosoft\Airbus_Fallback\NavdataPro\ x86PathNavigraph=Aerosoft\Airbus_Fallback\Navigraph\ x64PathNavDataPro=A3XX NavData\ x64PathNavigraph=A3XX Navigraph\ Is there anything that needs to change?
  9. I understand, but just to clarify, D:\ is a hardrive. If the problem is onedrive regardless, please reply and I will disable it. Thank you.
  10. The installation path in my root P3D is: D:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4 These are where the Aerosoft and Airbus files are. I installed the Navdata to 3 locations and none of them worked: D:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\Aerosoft\Airbus_Fallback\Navigraph C:\Users\*user name*\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX NavData C:\Users\*user name*\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX Navigraph
  11. I just installed the Navigraph nav data for the Airbus A320 in P3D v4.3, and the data hasn't loaded. Please help, I've tried multiple methods and have installed the data in the A3XX Navdata, A3XX Navigraph and the Airbus Fallback folder in P3D Root. I've edited the NavData.ini file, and set up the A3XX Configurator to accept Navigraph data but nothing's working.
  12. thank you Felix.K, for the link, the plane is flying correctly now! Also just wanted to know about the problem with the flight plan I exported and why it's not showing up.
  13. Sure thing, I'll try to get back in 5 hours. I'm not at home right now.
  14. Just got Aerosoft A320 for P3D V4, but when I take off and switch on the autopilot, the aircraft will follow the set altitude but won't turn to the flight plan at all. I set the autopilot to NAV mode before. Also, any flightplan that I export to the correct folder won't show up, so I have to manually input it into the MCDU. Please help.
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