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  1. Hehehe, well the good news is that we have already lots and lots of screenshots and videos of ancestor simulator 2912: Too bad the flight simulator part is so darn expensive though
  2. Nice, really nice! This game has some really convincing graphics most of the time. I really like how it renders forrests, water and towns/cities. I also like the fact that it really renders grass, not just green plains
  3. I like the idea of a career mode too, it gives more meaning to do the actual flight. A nice and realistic briefing/planning beforehand would be cool too (having to plan ahead of the flight, choose optimal routes for the weather enroute, etc). Flight lessons could be embedded into the career mode as you said, novice pilots will be trained like in real life. Maybe some theory lessons (or even exams) should be included too. I agree, this would be far more realistic. It is the first option (real cloud/weather clusters) I mentionned. This should be technologically possible, if it's not because of time/budget/system caps, the fade was an alternative. A fade might also be necessary when the weather station reports another cloud coverage suddenly, but this fade should be practically unnoticeable. Raymond
  4. Hi, Made a flight with both FSX and X-Plane and took some notes for AFS2012. First some things about FSX: - Ugly shift between weather zones (from overcast to clear happens instantly) -> Create real cloud clusters, which can also be visible on weather radar -> Fade clouds not instantly but over a minute or a few minutes - Hazed ground seems clear again when getting higher (argh!) - Precipitation on windows not visible from virtual cockpit -> Raindrops, maybe even snow visible would be nice. Working wipers would be great! - Icing and condensation on windows should be visible with incorrect airconditiong/anti-icing settings (like in some addons) - Having to preload textures every time (ie. Real Environment Extreme) -> More textures should be created procedurally -> More shader usage - More use of normalmapping/displacementmapping -> Make forrests and small hills fore example come out of the ground without using polygons Nice to haves would be: - Little details like smoke from factories, birds, cars on all highways -> Near airports with 3d modelled cars, further away just animated textures) - Real highway tunnels under taxiways (ie. Amsterdam Schiphol - EHAM) - Head bobbing on wind and turbulence (though the cursor or virtual hand should follow the cockpit, so that clicking buttons isn't a problem) Well, then I switched to X-Plane 9. What always strikes me first when flying with X-Plane: - Lack of scenery on the ground - Lack of ATC - Lack of airplanes on the airport i.e. it feels DEAD and I have the idea like I'm flying in some sort of post apocalyptic world again (like in FS-OLD) But I really do like some things this sim offers: + Aircraft systems are modelled in the sim, not in the addons + Lots of failures are possible (thanks to the previous point) + Birds + Some aircraft (mainly small ones) feel more realistic in their handling than aircraft in FSX + Rolling aircraft carriers when trying to land on them in bad weather (ie. the water simulation) + Sloped runways (although sometimes they are WAYYYYY too sloped) Raymond Groenendijk
  5. Yes I also would like an offline ATC option, because with online ATC you're always bound to specific flight times (when enough people are manning the ATC). Furthermore, when flying online you'll always have to play the whole thing through and it can't be used for procedure training, where you reposition your aircraft all the time. I only use online ATC when I'm in the mood to do a full flight using realistic procedures and I can tell you that this doesn't often happen. Most of the time it's just procedure training or just a fun flight (ie. only taking off, or doing a small roundabout the airport). The thing I most dislike about online flying is the uncontrolled gaps in between your departure and arrival airports. They really break the experience, as does an inexperienced controller at the airport or the pilots who use the system almost as a chatbox sometimes. So a new and fresh, modular based, offline ATC option would be great. It should be able to handle SID/STAR procedures, multiple active runways and holding patterns at a minimum. This way all the stations at an airport are manned (like ground, departure, tower, etc). Voice control would be nice to have, but may be an addon for as far as I'm concerned. A hybrid system between online and offline could also be an option. This way, the online controller doesn't have to handle all stations at the same time when he's alone at the airport, he can for example handle the tower station and the arrival station. It would probably really help him if he doesn't have to provide pilots with taxi instructions at the same time as trying to get 4 boeings to land at his airport. Furthermore it would be nice to have a basic AES system embedded, so that scenery designers can create the whole airport experience for us.
  6. In-game sounds are getting better and better nowadays. Just check these in-game sounds from Armed Assault 2, where an A10 does a fly-by:
  7. Shouldn't inactive runway lights at larger airports be off? If so, the sim should reflect reality in this case. Everything Tim_A (post before this one) mentioned, especially instrument backlights, illuminated switches and several dimmable light sources within the cockpit, sounds great when incorporated in the sim. Tower controlled lighting would probably be a dream of virtual controllers. Cloud shadows are a must in 2012 I think. FSX should have had them actually. Taxi, landing, turnoff lights should have a realistic light cone with light fading over distance (not like those triangles in default FSX :S). Light cones should look realistic in foggy conditions and should illuminate clouds. With a modern DX10-11 videocard, this shouldn't be a problem. Raymond
  8. Hi all, I have been watching this forum for a while now, I think it's time to share my thoughts now. Please forgive me when I mention things that are mentioned already by other people. What I think is important for a flight simulator is immersion. You might remember Flight Unlimited, where you started inside the airport building. As the previous post mentioned, you should be a human, not an airplane. Being an airplane is good, when you have a home build cockpit, but not when playing behind a monitor with only a joystick as hardware. So what I would like is being able to walk to your aircraft, do an inspection of it, maybe push it around a bit (for small aircraft) and fuel it at the pump. Entering the aircraft should not be a matter of clicking on the 'S' button, but should be like clicking the door open on the virtual aircraft and clicking on an 'enter area' behind the door (like a seat for example). What I like about FSX is playing it with my headtracker and stereovision glasses. You really feel like being in the cockpit this way. So for the new sim I think it would be important to support at least a headtracker and have a correct depth for any object in the world so that stereoscopic solutions can render it correct. FSX doesn't render lights at the correct depth for example, making night flying virtually impossible while using a stereoscopic view. If you have an nVidia videocard, try to install the latest driver, enable stereoscopic rendering and use simple red-blue glasses to view the image. I assure you, you'll be impressed. Also take a look at the lighting problem while you're at it. Another problem with stereoscopic vision and virtual cockpits is the 2d mouse cursor, this thing is always at screen depth, but the cockpit buttons are way behind. A virtual hand that exists in 3d should be able to solve this problem probably. For third party extenders, I think it should be possible to make pushback trucks that really work. So you could push your Boeing 737 around the airport for example. Not realistic to do this as a pilot, but immersive. Maybe even linked in multiplayer, so that someone else can handle ground operations. This should not stop there, maybe it could be even made possible to control the gates, drive fuel trucks, etc. Again, the engine should only be able to handle extensions like this, it doesn't have to be included at launch time. For third party solutions an Apple iPhone like store would be great, keeping track of your addons, licenses, etc. This should also be able to backup all bought components to a directory (external HD, flashdrive, DVD, etc). When logging on with your account on another PC, the addons should still work. (Like Windows Live Games are going to be delivered in the future). I am myself voting for subscription based service, like many MMORPG have. This subscription should keep the navigation databases up-to-date, deliver extensions to the simulator engine, maybe even free aircraft or scenery, etc. I understand many people don't want a subscription based service though. Another solution would be the Apple store solution, so that you can buy the latest navigation database cycle, or the latest extension to the simulator engine for a few bucks for example. Maybe a hybrid solution could be made, so that people having a subscription get things for a little less than people who buy things seperately. Being able to update the engine continueously should make the 'new version gaps' that Microsoft Flight Simulator created a thing of the past. It was really horrible to re-buy all your scenery every time a new version came out. 3rd party extenders can update their scenery for free or for a very small fee too every once in a while, keeping things up-to-date all the time. For buying scenery from the store a feature linked to your flight planner would be great. Let's say I plan a route from A to B via C, it should come up with the scenery packages of the airports at A, B, C and everything enroute, maybe the latest navigation database, etc. Well on the other hand I'm currently helping my nephew build a 737-800 cockpit. It would be really nice if interfaces with external hardware (like the FMC, CDU) are possible. Now we have to use FSUIPC, but I think this should be embedded, at least in the PRO version. The PRO version should also be able to disable things like being able to walk around, etc. A dome rendering option should be available in the PRO version. Also it would be great if software like Project Magenta could be bypassed and left to aircraft developers. For this the new simulator should be able to control cockpit gauges over the network. Maybe a client installation that can run only the gauges and communicate with the server could be made for this in the PRO version. Oh and please make sure to invest in a solid framework for the simulator first and then on eye-candy, as this can always be added later. Some people won't stop complaining that it doesn't look realistic enough until you put them in a real aircraft. When you do they will probably start complaining that they don't have the time to look out the window at all, because the flying takes to much of their attention If things are unclear or have your interest, I would be glad to discuss them over mail, PM, phone or of course on this forum Greetings, Raymond Groenendijk
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