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  1. Dave...............

    Its on the first page. "There are a number of things added, and I'd have to pull up the Step by Step in our Documentation and then compare it to the old Checklist to give you a comparison.  The best thing to do is perform the Step-by-Step and I promise the new items will jump right out at you! "

  2. 3 hours ago, DaveCT2003 said:



    I understand... many people in our community don't understand flight sim development and why customer bug reporting is so important.


    It's true, beta testers receive the product that they're testing for free.  So in this case, that's $80 USD for 3 years of work.  See, Beta Testes are often very experienced flight simmers and real world pilots who could absolutely pay for the product, and the time and knowledge they provide to the effort far exceeds what any developer could ever afford to pay them.  On top of that, given the number of different flight sim computers and different configurations is almost incalculable given the amount of different hardware and software (especially the vast number of flight sim addons, Windows updates, etc.), thus we have to rely on the community to report bugs, and if they report a bug then it's almost worthless to do so unless than provide a little more information.


    See, if we were to perform development like some people think we should, then one Airbus product would either take 15 years to develop or it would sell for between $1800 and $3600 USD per copy - or some combination of the two.


    It's up to you if you want to provide information on this bug... but before you decide, you need to know that MANY customers and Beta Testers have not experienced this issue.


    Anyway, the choice is yours, and I don't have a problem with you not providing additional information. I just thought I'd give you a little background info.


    Best wishes!


    Up to me? Dave you tried to tell me 3 months ago that even though prior to the updates I had no problems that the problem was suddenly I wasn't entering the info in the CDU correctly. Worked with but with the next update suddenly I am a moron that can't enter the info. This has been going on for over 3 months. This is turning into the CRJ. My trouble has no consistent trend other than it happens 99% of the time in all models. I should fly the same flight over again like a beta tester to try and reproduce the bug. No, I don't enjoy the hobby so I can be a beta tester."Because Many customers and Beta testers have not experienced this issue" it makes it up to me and others that have to be the Beta testers for Aerosoft? You beta test for other developers. You obviously enjoy it so the rest of us should too I guess only we get to pay for the opportunity. Kind of like another AIrbus developer did.

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