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  1. After climbout I have to manually set the speed on the FCU. Setting to auto (the dot) causes the throttle to set to idle. The MCDU has a message "set managed speed" on the scratch pad. This was after a TOGA takeoff and departure. Throttle was set to the "clmb" position. Does this in the flex mode as well. ver 2.3 pro version.
  2. Same problem here. I set speed to Auto then when at ALT CRZ , speed whines way way down and auto throttle throttles way back. Have to manually set speed. It wont hold at CRZ. Even though the Alt is set to the MCDU prescribed ALT. Same problem before update. Perhaps a bug not fixed?
  3. This is a consistent problem for me. It never goes away and I have to monitor the managed speed constantly. Why can the developers not see it? I just dont understand it! Im going to try FS LABS. i heard its alot better.
  4. I have used all sorts of calculators, the Fuel planner, setup the MCDU exactly as manual prescribes. Take off in Fllex mode, plane does not want to stay in the air in cold winter like conditions. Is it really that sensitive? I have lates FUIPC and a calibrated joystick. I mean really guys. . . Im going back to being. at least I can get it off the ground and follow a plan.
  5. Didnt solve it for a friend of mine. In winter like conditions the only way to keep it from nose diving is to use TOGA. There is definitely a problem with auto throttle logic and V speeds.
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