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  1. Also the course line for FMS1 bounces left to right it doesn't stay consistently in the center.
  2. So is it the nav mode that needs tunning or the winds cause im also going left, right, left, right and its doing it at 30 degree bank angles.
  3. I opened a BUG REPORTING thread since I cant find but it got closed if there is one its probably 15 pages deep and allot of things are spread out all over the place. No one pointed me in the right direction so I'm going to leave this here. ...........BUGS CRJ700 msfs 1.) ILS need to be tuned (this has been spoke of extensively) 2.) Scroll wheel knobs moves very slow from time to time especially when you're trying to put a DA or MDA 3.) ILS SLOPE needs to be tuned it runs shallow 3 red 1 white 4.) Autopilot need tuning wont hold a lateral line when the command DCT INTC is issued on fmc. 5.) VOR 2 doesn't work you can tune 353° but nothing on the compass moves or changes only the numbers do and still wont track the VOR 6.) RNAV IAP doesn't work 7.) Center of Gravity changes on after departure, it goes AFT of DATUM and off the envelope. 8.) Working volume knobs for IVAO and VATSIM wouldn't be a bad thing to see in the future. Microsoft dropped the ball the hard in allot of ways for this simulator, hopefully some one up the chain will see this because the aircraft is way ahead of anything the competition has in this game.
  4. 1.) ILS wont capture glide slope on level flight 2.) Cabin announcements will glitch and play one on top of the other 3.) Scroll wheel over knobs is real slow sometimes 4.) ILS glide slope will be shallow sometimes (3 red 1 white) 5.) tried RNAV didnt work, dont know if RNAV capable 6.) CG moves all the way back and off the envelope sometime after take off. If there's already one of these, apologies could'nt find anything for "bug reporting" Feel free to contribute the more they know the better it is for everyone.
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