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  1. Ok so Aerosoft you decided to take this much further and not allow me to access my account? I did nothing wrong.. 1) that violates the right for me to update, and 2) it is theft !, what you have done. Guys, grow up!.
  2. thank you for sharing your thoughts!
  3. I AM reallly dissapointed in your product. I was anxious to wait for the 1.20, downloaded it today, installed it, and still. FSX crashes when you try to exit the game, it is unable to selectly move the altitude/speed knob, and I could understand why you cant allow a mouse to be used as a yoke/throttle, but I and others see more sophisticated aircraft softwares out there today that use the mouse as well for these operations and are more advanced then this Airbus X which is funny how you say its advanced yet still simple to use? Sorry thats just (Censored). By now you can tell i am really disappointed in your product, and because this was a download, money cannot be refunded. So I will look into this matter more, and contact my lawyer. Because this is truly a waste of money. Why do you think there are hardly ANY videos on Youtube with the AIRBUS X? Because none have the chance to get this working properly. Why are you doing this Aerosoft? Do you guys desperatly need money? You did not do your homework before thinking of creating such aircraft, you did not see the consequences/ concerns before this happened, and now.. your working on the CRJ!?!? Who cannot see that this is just ridiculous. $40.55 to me was stolen, ok so you think im pushing it overthrottle just for $40.55, but you add up all the customers who purchased this aircraft and you will be shocked of how much money you have taken for a product that looked* nice. Here in Canada an the US- we have our freedom of speech, and I swear that I know I am not the only one who is experiencing this right now. I dont mean to brag, but my system is top notch, and It still cannot run this software addon (Yes i used ajoystick). So Aerosoft, what will you do now? Design a CRJ that will be twice as ridiculous as the Airbus X is? They doo say Looks are Decieving, and if you have any empathy or even care in your customers, you'd keep this post open so others can explain how they feel about it, whether good, or not, it be their say. This is in the books, and you just lost yourself a long term customer. Be prepared for legal action. Though chances are slim for you do have your own system set for downloaded products, this matter will be taken into high priority and a response will be issued as soon as possible.
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