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  1. Hi, I'm using the experimental A320 inside V4.5hf2 and have gotten Navigraph charts to work via the "A3XX Configurator" application but I've noticed an issue. When on your first flight you will probably not notice it however, when the chart downloads the actual "png" of that specific chart stays in that position of the list of charts. For example; I download a *YMML Star* chart that is the 4th from the top of the list that works fine. When I would go to download a *YSSY Taxi* chart that happened to be in the same position from the top (number 4 for example), I am only shown the YMML Star chart even if I was on the YSSY chart page & clicked the YSSY Taxi chart. I do not believe this bug persists between restarts of the simulator. I've included 4 images showing the bug; a YPAD Star on a YBSU IAC, a YPAD Star on another YBSU IAC, a YBSU IAC on a YSSY Taxi & a YBSU Taxi on a YPAD Star.
  2. The clickspot for the HUD/HGS in the CRJ is massive, I find my self always clicking on it by accident, my suggestion is for the clickspot on the HUD to be just the metal/plastic (that holds the glass), without any glass being apart of the clickspot. Please consider this idea, thanks for reading.
  3. On the product page it says " Complete FS2Crew Runway Awareness and Advisory System included (a €30 value!) " that unambiguously means that it is the full version, there is no mention of it being locked on the product page either (like other products sold under the Aerosoft banner such as the CRJ700 " Fully functional (though linked to this aircraft) RAAS provided by FS2Crew "). So I was a bit annoyed when I found out that the products were locked, anyone else had a similar experience to this?
  4. This 'bug' has happened to me on my latest flight, the Captain's MFD is just blank in the VC. The clickspot still works and brings up a functional 2D MFD. Nothing in 'Dave' indicates that there is an option that would be causing it. Will try and catch it happening while I am recording.
  5. It's like a global (sim wide) add-on, it is automatically enabled for every aircraft, (from my understanding it takes data from the aircraft.cfg) I hadn't had any issues with any other aircraft (PMDG, Majestic & a bunch of other complex aircraft from various other developers). Anyway, I found the problem and now it's fixed, hopefully I can now enjoy my CRJ
  6. Found the issue, A2A Accu-Feel! What I find really odd, I have not touched the settings for it once since I first reinstalled it on my recent SSD wipe.
  7. Using the "delete generated files" in the base Prepar3D folder has seemed to fix the problem (now to re-enable my add-ons one-by-one to see which one is causing the issue)
  8. Video attached is another clip recorded where the CRJ falls out of the sky, however I have the Flight Controls up on the 2nd EICAS. During almost the entire flight, there was no rudder input, I had the autopilot on Climb 190, in a left hand turn, while I was in CLB & Flaps8. Once again during that part, I was doing any inputs. (Also lol who uses a xbox controller :P) Sorry about the chatter in background I was Observing ATC on vatsim (working on my controller rating)
  9. The Aerosoft CRJ700 is continuously getting "gusted" around while on autopilot, default weather with "Clear Skies", you can see on the MFD that there is no wind at all. From the time I put the A/P on, I did not touch any flight controls. This does not happen with any other of my aircraft and has happened almost every time I've flown the CRJ resulting in usually -1200ft/m landings 😕 7:23 is when the "fun" starts to happen, all previous time in the video is the setup. Installed version:, P3D V4.3.Default Weather "Clear Skies". Reinstalled and the same thing was happening (if not slightly not as bad). (So yes, I did a full reinstalled of the CRJ). Edit: Made the YT link start at 7:23.
  10. Sounds like the same issue discussed here, they have pushed a new experimental that should fix the CTD, or you can roll back to anything prior to 1811 rev2. .
  11. Sounds like the issue being discussed here, people have suggested rolling back to 1811 rev 1 if you have it backed on navigraph.
  12. Hi, I have uploaded a short (unlisted) 1 minute video showing CRJ version, Navigraph version and that non-american codes are working but when I enter KSAN it CTD.
  13. My settings are pretty similar to "Jude's" as I am from Australia (Which is essentially the UK🙄). I am on windows 1803 & Prepar3D V4.3 (Was a complete reinstall going from the previous version). I will try uninstalling the FMS data to try and use the ~1710 included. I sadly cannot roll back to an older version of the airac from Navigraph as I only purchased it too days ago. Will report back once I have tried the old airac.
  14. Just purchased the aircraft yesterday (really fun) and my first couple of flights have been really fun (Around Australia & Europe) however whenever I have tried to enter a American ICAO code in the "ACT FPLN" page, my simulator (P3D v4.3) freezes then crashes to desktop after about 5 seconds. I am using CRJ with Navigraph FMS Data 1811 rev2. I have tried KSAN, KLAX, KSEA, KJFK with all of them crashing the simulator. Ones that do work (I have not tried many as I would rather just fly the plane) LFPG, YBCG, YBBN & EGLL.
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