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  1. Hi, I'm using the experimental A320 inside V4.5hf2 and have gotten Navigraph charts to work via the "A3XX Configurator" application but I've noticed an issue. When on your first flight you will probably not notice it however, when the chart downloads the actual "png" of that specific chart stays in that position of the list of charts. For example; I download a *YMML Star* chart that is the 4th from the top of the list that works fine. When I would go to download a *YSSY Taxi* chart that happened to be in the same position from the top (number 4 for example), I am only shown the YM
  2. The clickspot for the HUD/HGS in the CRJ is massive, I find my self always clicking on it by accident, my suggestion is for the clickspot on the HUD to be just the metal/plastic (that holds the glass), without any glass being apart of the clickspot. Please consider this idea, thanks for reading.
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