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  1. So my plane suddnely died randomly and couldnt get it to start, then my simcrashed so i loaded back up mid flight at FL340, then I set up my flight plan and stuff got everything back but my speed wont hold at all. Ill have the Speed as '- - - O' and auto throttle engaged along with my cost index in, and my auto throttle wont hold, even when I put in a value into the a/thr it still wont hold and will go down, even after slewing up to and extra 4000 ft then decending to gain speed it would still lose power. Please Help Me :(

    Along with that, on the middle display, theres a value below the speed showing .629 and descending by .001 every second.

  2. Im trying to set up a flightplan I generated via simbreif into my Airbus A320. I entered my sid departure from Auckland being the LENGU2P, then after that in the F-PLN tab it shows the LENGU waypoint, I then click on that and type in the next waypoint which is LIMES, I enter it into Next WPT [     ] and then it switches back to the F-PLN screen for a few milliseconds then goes to a tab called 'Duplicate Names,' There's two options, *LIMES 38S/175E (34NM), and *LIMES 22N/114E (4944NM), from there I click the button next to   *LIMES 38S/175E (34NM) (which is the one I want). It then goes back to the F-PLN screen without the waypoint entered (where by bold text is) so I then proceeded to try again multiple times but I couldnt get it working. Any ideas? Please help me.


    (Route im trying is NZAA/NZCH and im generating it from Simbreif which is running Airac 1809 and my sim is running Airac 1908)

  3. Air New Zealand Airbus A321 ZK-NNB Repaint | Aerosoft A321 IAE

    Heres my repaint of ZK-NNB an Airbus A321 NEO recently added into Air New Zealand fleet! Please give credit if displayed online, check out my website https://www.kiwiflightsim.com for more repaints!

    Also if you want more aviation content by me, check out my YouTube Channel: https://youtube.com/c/CasualCody/

    Screenshot (16).PNG

    Screenshot (14).PNG

    Screenshot (5).PNG


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  4. Air New Zealand Airbus A321 ZK-NNA Repaint | Aerosoft A321 IAE

    My Repaint of ZK-NNA Air New Zealand on the Aerosoft A321 IAE! Please Give credit if being displayed online! Other wise enjoy my repaint! Sorry for the miss placed bits! 

    Also my YouTube Channel if you want to support! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUrH3fIoP7oabK7V3YLno5g



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