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  1. Once you've filled the screen and entered the waypoint 'MID', insert this into your flight plan. Then scroll down the list of waypoints in your flight plan and you'll find MID at the bottom. Select that, then airways, and repeat until you've finished the plan. Hope this helps.
  2. My first ever screenshot contest entry. Departure out of EGKK.
  3. Thanks all for the replies. I don't have anything like Navigraph or Nav Data pro, I just create flight plans on Simbrief and then type them in manually on the FMC. I checked and Simbrief is using AIRAC cycle 1903 and my FMC has this - is this my problem?
  4. I've noticed every time I fly into EGKK and select the runway and STAR given by SimBrief, the Bus always seems to make it weird and it never goes to plan. I've attached a screenshot of my display showing the flight plan on approach into EGKK following this route: LOWI/26 DCT KPT L856 AKABI UZ613 HOC UL613 DIDOR UT10 IRBAL UT421 KUNAV TIMBA4B EGKK/08R I've flown a few different STARs but they all seem problematic, whether it being funky like this one, or having a very large-angled turn towards the runway on final approach; so great that it exceeds the aircraft's bank angle and then I'm not lined up for the runway about 1 mile out. If I am presented with the below after entering my flight plan, what should I do?
  5. Thanks for letting me know and I appreciate all the hard work
  6. Hi Dave, Thanks for the reply. I really appreciate this information - thanks for letting me know! All the best.
  7. Do you have a time scale for the A318/319? I don't know whether to reinstall v4 or just wait for it to be compatible.
  8. Hi, I’ve been flying the A319 in P3D v4 and have recently started flying RNAV approaches (usually just stick to ILS, because I just about know what I’m doing!) I have flown into Zakynthos and Innsbruck, both of which the aircraft did not descend down to the runway. The green rectangle appeared on my display and I had activated the APPR button, but the aircraft does not follow the rectangle and just stays at the same altitude. Could someone tell me what I’m doing wrong? It’s probably something stupid because I’m just a casual simmer and don’t know the ins and outs of flying! Thank you!
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