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  1. Nick Kidd gave me a wonderful solution: Give it a try. jeroen
  2. I purchased ENBR yesterday and had some performance problems (I'll make another post) which were resolved when I noticed that the installer had installed the SODE directories in ...../Simobjects/Simobjects/Misc/ I resolved the issue by cutting the two directories out of ...../Simobjects/Simobjects/Misc/ and pasting them into ...../Simobjects/Misc. Seems the installer may be creating an additional Simobjects subdirectory and placing it in Simobjects. Thanks Nick. The problem has been solved! Jeroen
  3. Hello Bob, Thanks for your help. Yes, there are 2 ENBR xml-files (jetways and windsocks). But in P3D v3 / Simobject / Misc folder there are no SODE_ENBR files Jeroen
  4. Thanks masterhawk, The ENBR cofig tool I did. Still no triggerable objects to be found. Jeroen
  5. Hello, I've got some problems with sode. It seems to be working (there is a menu), but it can't find ENBR. When I check P3D v3 / Simobjects / misc (see below) there are no sode files for ENBR. What can I do? I did a reinstal, I've got the newest versions of Sode and Bergen. Jeroen
  6. Is it an idea to select the active gate after landing, so that the aes crew is "waiting" for you?
  7. Helle Shaun, Thanks for your reply. The point is that the database isn't complete. I miss e.g.the SPL (Amsterdam) waypoint. I like it up-to-date for flying online on the IVAO network. Jeroen
  8. Hello, How can I update the waypoints manually? Jeroen
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