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  1. Thanks Jo and Aerosoft, Just installed version 1.01 and I want to thank you for adding the option to choose either summer or winter textures for this wonderful scenery. Once again thank you, Emilio
  2. Thanks for the quick reply Jo! Glad there's nothing wrong with the scenery but I would suggest a "season tool" so that there are winter textures before Dec 1. Thanks, Emilio
  3. Hi Aerosoft, Since it's winter, Norway is covered in snow but unfortunately I am unable to see winter seasonal ground textures, even though the surrounding non-airport scenery (UTX and GEX) is white and clearly shows winter textures. Since there is no "season tool" for Mega Airport Olso-Gardemoen, what steps will enable me to see winter textures. Thanks, Emilio
  4. Thanks Shaun for responding so quickly. Really appreciate it! Shaun, Orginally I thought that the speed bug diappeared and reappeared at around FL250 but this is not the case. The speed bug actually disappears at about FL270 during climb and reappears at about FL263 during descent. I've posted two pics during descent to show what I mean. Please have a look. - this one is right before the speed bug appears. - this one is right after the speed bug appears. Shaun, I personally added the GPS 500 to the Airbus X because as everyone knows you can't insert arr/dep runways into the MCDU. So by using the gps to load an approach I wanted to see if it would show up on the ND. What I found interesting during a couple of flights I had was that when I loaded an approach into the gps, the first active waypoint of the approach was shown on the ND (top right) but the route line itself did not show the new approach waypoint. So this tells me that the active waypoint indicator on the ND is connected with the GPS 500 but the route line is not. Why so? Check the attached pic to see what I mean. If you guys could somehow fix this, so that both the active waypoint indicator and route line are connected with the GPS 500 then many users would be able to insert there approach runway into the gps and have it show up on the ND. If you know what I mean. This way it would be the same thing as adding an arrival runway into the MCDU and having it show up on the ND. Thanks, Emilio
  5. Hi Everyone, I've been doing a couple of flights with version 1.20 lately and there are some issues that i've noticed: 1. After I click "FLY NOW!" and load the aircraft, the flight plan does not show up on the ND (Navigation Display). Instead, I have to open the menu and under "Flights" choose "Flight Planner..." and load the flight plan again for it to appear on the ND. 2. When climbing above FL250 with all FCU modes in managed mode, the speed bug disappears. Then the speed bug reappears again when descending below FL250. So basically no speed bug above FL250. 3. When modifying the flight plan in the fsx gps (GPS 500) the updated active waypoint gets shown on the ND (top right) but the route line itself does not change to correspond with the change in the flight plan. Real bummer, when clicking "PROC" in the fsx gps and choosing the ILS approach and vectors because the new active waypoints are shown on the ND but the route line, instead of showing the new waypoints, does not get updated and just shows a straight line towards the airport. 4. When staring the engines, the Init A page in the MCDU should not be accessible anymore because in reality its only accessible in the PREFLIGHT phase. 5. On the PROG page in the MCDU, is the opitmal cruise flight level altitude value (OPT) actually giving you the optimal cruise flight level or will it always just say FL370? Because I've tried various flights with various weights and it always says FL370. Finally this is not an issue but a little tip for those experiencing the problem with the batteries discharging or draining with apu on. When your parked with both engines off and you don't want to use ext power. Just have apu bleed running and turn off apu gen. This way the batteries won't drain. Then when your ready for departure, just before pushback, turn the apu gen on so that fuel pumps aren't cut-off and start the engines. Just be careful after turning on apu gen, not to wait too long before starting the engines because the batteries will start to drain again and you won't be able to start the engines. Regards, Emilio
  6. Aerosoft should provide a fix or at least advise people of the error because every simmer that has UK2000 Manchester and wants to use it with AES 2.06 will have a error message when starting AEShelp and wonder why or think that something is wrong with either AES or fs9/fsx (like myself). When infact nothing is wrong just a little syntax error in the path statement which can be easily fixed if you know how to fix it (which many don't). I can just imagine how many AES customers are confused or frustrated right now, not knowing the reason for the problem. Thanks, Milo
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