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  1. That indeed is intense. The thing about Flight Sim is that it is SO obviously just copy and paste over the whole world pretty much. It would be nice, although probably very time consuming to have the world individually designed. I don't know how feasable that really is. The thing is though, for the simmers who cruise at 38 000 ft for hours what is in it for them they would much prefer just having better immersion and detail concerning the air. MAYBE the best solution I don't know if people will agree is to have a GA sim and a Professional Sim.
  2. I like this idea. BUT I think there should be an option for impatient people (LIKE ME ) where you can start higher up or go up levels faster. But it would definately help with the immersion and it would give the game a longer life if you know what I mean. I don't know if this is possible but what if ASFS 2012 was to team up with some of the Virtual Airlines out there, to create a game where you would play with the virtual airline of your choice but as a career in ASFS 2012 where people would have to work their way up the airline.
  3. That is exactly what I was trying to say
  4. I agree with you it was just a way of putting things to try and explain it all... I don't know if you read my post on page 1?
  5. Thanks Colin. I just hope that Aerosoft can pick up on this and make it a much better piece of software and something completely different to what has been done. In FSX if I put thrust reversers on the only way I know they are on is that the speed needle decreases fast and the sound changes. But in real there is that whole thrown forwards and incredible rattling. So that would need looking at. I appreciate the fact that Aerosoft are going out to the consumers to get the best possible feedback. I think what should happen is later on during the development stage there should be a poll as to what are the MUST have little extras on the simulator like have a list of things like career mode and blurred vision for immersion and stuff like that and the top 2 or 3 or the most popular ones or however aerosoft want to work at it become a feature of the simulator. James
  6. We need to remember that any Flight Simulator isn't the real thing it should do what it says on the box which is to simulate flight. Sounds kind of obvious but I feel that in recent years Microsoft has been developping something which thinks its the real thing and tries too hard to convince you its real and in doing so you feel dissapointed (check spelling ) because it's not the real thing. However what would be nice is something which knows it's not the real thing but it gives you the best offer and because you also know it's not the real thing you feel impressed by what has been done with it. Let me take an example from the BBC Top Gear series. They tested a car which was a Japanese version of the Rolls Royce. Now Top Gear said exactly the same thing. The car makers knew it wasn't a Rolls and the driver knew it wasn't a Rolls so when it did something which was almost like a Rolls it was wonderful and you were impressed. I hope this makes sense
  7. How can I say what I don't use if I don't use it I don't generally know about it . However Replay is mildly important I use it from time to time just because I impressed myself or I thought I saw something weird and wonderful. I remember seeing a second check box when you choose your airport in FSX.... you see I don't use it so I don't know what it is at all. I also don't use the wippers in FSX because they don't do much anyway but yeah if they can be designed to do something then I would use them and just fly around in the rain or snow all the time until I got bored and switched back to Real World weather.
  8. I don't know if this is possible but cabin lights are dimmed at take off and landing.... could that be replicated somehow? and then just to be over the top have the individual light up as the passengers turn on their reading lamps but thats just an extra. And if you can lights not blind you but when you take off at night and there is a great big long queue of Large A/c facing you, there is a blinding effect. Is there a way of differentiating the strobe patterns because this is one way of recognising a Boeing from an Airbus...
  9. Right, So I registered so that I could put my view forwad . Anyway what I was thinking was this.... I am a sort of multiplatform person. The kind of person who looks at what has been achieved with simulation games on PS3 or Xbox 360 and gone... I wish I could get Flight Simulator to work and look like some of this but with the Simulator part sorted. Well if you could incorporate little tiny details which make things so much better. Let's start with the wear and tear. The FIFA series.... when you load the game for the first time all the fields are covered in nice green grass.... as you play the area around the keeper starts to fade and so on. Can this not be incorporated into your FS. I.E we buy the game and the airports are pretty much brand spanking new.... and then as we play more and more rubber marks go down on the runway... the a/c get dirtier the general wear and tear as has been much asked for. But that could also be incorporated in a Career mode thing whereas in the normal Fly Now situation there could just be a default wear and tear level. Secondly I like the idea of this career mode possibility. BUT I simply do not have the time or the patience to work up from the limitations of a C152. So far the only way around this in some ad-ons is to simply decrease the difficulty BUT that makes it feel like I am cheating. The possibility of chosing your entry point into this career mode if their is to be one. I.E unlicenced learner pilot.... all the way up to ATPL F/o on a jet. The most important thing to fix is the immersion. Again coming back to PS3 and Xbox 360 "simulators" I will take the example of the new Need For Speed Shift game where you can hear the little rattle of the car as you drive and the vision becomes blurred as the vehicle vibrates more and more which is what happens. When taking-off from an airport I would like to be able to feel the center line because of the bump from the reflecting lights. A hard landing would lead to a shudder and blurred vision. Weather. Now here I have a more limited range of examples which have already been done BUT when you fly the rain on the windshield does not sound or act the same when your on the ground and compared to in the air at 250 kts. Nor does a rain sodden runway act the same as a bone dry runway. Here however I can draw an example of something which has been done. In sony F1 Championship edition you CANNOT drive the same way on a wet track as you can on a dry track or even a moist track. Again this leads back to a PLEASE do this in FS thing where the way an aircraft lands is affected by the runway contaminents. Then of course there is the birdstrike.... emergencies..... blow outs.... fires...... physics....and lighting but yes this also needs to be looked at and I am sure it isn't too hard to do. As well as the correct flight physics and of course ARMS and LEGS and A BODY. I also like the idea of the "snooze button" where the computer, aka First officer, can completely take over those long haul flights while you go out and do something else. And incase you completely forget about it or sleep through your alarm it should be able to get itself to the gate and complete the flight. So there we go just my ideas. Now most these have all already been done it is just a question of combining them into your flight simulator and in essence creating the BEST simulator EVER. The thing is the technology to do all these things is out there because these have all been done on other games. I hope I was some help. James
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