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  1. When I (Carlos) started the mission, Lewis told me to take over a bus route and to take the service truck. I drove the truck to a parked Nova RTS bus but nothing happened. What should I do?
  2. After waiting about two months for English version of CBS 2010 to be released after the German version of CBS 2010 was released, I was very happy to buy and download the program. I also have Logitech Driving Force Pro wheel/pedal set. It supports steering wheel rotation up to 900 degrees instead of 200 degrees for most other wheel/pedal sets. I set up my wheel /pedal set for separate pedals instead of combined pedals and 360 degrees of steering wheel rotation. I think that the program needs to be set up for that wheel/pedal set correctly so that I don't run out of air pressure too often and that the steering wheel on the whhel/pedal set has the same amount of rotation as the real bus' steering wheel as well as the steering wheel in the game. There should be more passengers on the bus and the action of passengers getting on the bus and paying the fare should be faster. The story of the stolen city bus in Campaign Mode is very interesting!
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