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  1. can you please make livery for carenado atr 72-500 air india regional


  2. did not changed any thing infact I have formatted my pc before installing fsx and then the aersoft airbus.... After every 1 or 2 flights this problem arises ... then I delete my fsx.cfg file then it works correctly....and the same repeats
  3. After installing 1 or 2 times I fly and the same probem comes again
  4. I download a320 from steam. when I download the a320/ a321 it works fine but after 1 or 2 days.. it starts showing Engine unavailable with A0-0 on top and I cant use the mcdu at all.... please help me with a permanen solution.... please help me...
  5. Hello guys I would like to request repaint for vistara airlines... Which would install through livery manager
  6. Fsx Steam with aerosoft airbus available on steam
  7. The flight controls are not working. The flight control page is showing ailerons, rudder elevator in orange. And engines also not working
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