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    Overland Japanese Airports 3,4 & 5

    Finally got them to work. Reinstalled AES 2.45 and then had to uninstall/reinstall all the volumes 3'4'5 & 7 restart FS9 let the scenerys load and and they showed up in AES and then activated them. Hope this helps everyone else.
  2. bando213

    Overland Japanese Airports 3,4 & 5

    Still having same problem. Installed all updates for Overland 3,4, &5 even installed Volume 7 with update AES still not recognizing airports
  3. I have read your post on these airports and I am still having the same problem with them showing up in AES. The first time I solved the problem on my own but have since had to reinstall due to harddrive breaking. I think it might be as simple as changing the path of where the airports are located in the add on scenery file. And yes I have downloaded and installed the updates if anyone asks.
  4. bando213


    Purchased the fs2004 version of Bremen, went to download the free version of BremenX and it will not show up in AES 2.03 for FSX