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  1. Maybe the EFB could used as options panel. Like the Zibo Mod. The third MCDU can be used then for sth else. That would be better for CFD. Or let‘s say more realistic.
  2. I think at my update installation went something wrong: The tire stripes suddenly stop, then an empty space follows and the again stripes. Any help?
  3. Exactly. I also had it under the overpass next to it. You too?
  4. Do you have installed any vfr add on? There is a freeware which shows important vfr points in this green lines.
  5. I‘ve found the bug that I mentioned but I can‘t post any screenshots because I‘m not at home at the moment. So the bug is located at the train station or ICE train station (whatever the name is). At one point next to glass roof there is missing a complete piece of ground so you can look into the ground. I don‘t know if it‘s just me but can you please have a look? Tomorrow I will post some screenshots. And antoher thing I want to mention are the surrounding textures (This is not a bug but I want to mention it). Don‘t get me wrong but they look a bit dry and in every season (apart from winter) it‘s the same thing. If they can be a bit more greener or colorful that would be a cool thing Apart from the bugs and mistakes i‘ts the best scenery I have ever seen. Thanks for this amazing piece of an airport
  6. Hey everyone, I don‘t know where to post this question so I post it here. So, I bought the new Cologne/Bonn prof. version and it‘s absolutely amazing. But I found some bugs and wanted to know if there will be some updates in the future. Thanks for your answers.
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