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  1. Hello, I am running P3D 4.5 and when loading up a flight at the gate I hear no cockpit sounds. Click on buttons, no sound. Start up co pilot checklist, can't hear him. Even by simply putting on the parking break, no sound. I only hear the engines going, but inside the cockpit there is no sound. Does anyone know whats going on? I didn't mess with any sound settings whatsoever. I just noticed this recently when loading up a flight. I tried with other Airbuses and same thing. I'm not sure if this is related to the newest update, but I did a fresh uninstall and reinstall and same thing happened. I went into the RAAS settings to make sure that was turned on and everything looks normal there. Checked configuration, everything looks normal there too. So not sure if this is related to the newest update or not? Can anyone confirm or know a solution? I tried changing views, pressed Q and those tricks don't work either.
  2. Hello, I am having an issue trying to install A319 and A320 liveries into the new livery manager. Keep getting an error message. Never had this problem before the new update. Is this a known bug?
  3. Hi all, Everything was working fine up until now. So I just downloaded Taxi2Gate KSEA and FlyTampa KBOS. They both look phenomenal. So before I installed. I would load up a flight plan. Select which gate I wanted (using P3D default airports). Then go from there. Now I'm encountering the issue of aircraft parking on startup. When I load up a flight and pick a gate it loads up and places me on the wrong parking position. I'm guessing this has something to do with the airports I installed. I was using the default airports prior before upgrading with no issue at all. Is there a fix to this? Also other gates seem to appear on my Chaseplane Static Camera (using FlyTampa KBOS) which don't show up on the P3D menu. Also, I have FlyTampa KBOS first on the scenery library list as well. Not sure if I have to do anything else? Anyone know or have had this issue before?
  4. So I recently installed EZDOK camera v2 for P3D v4.3 . Everything is great but now I have the issue when I switch cameras my sim just stops and crashes. Any fix on this or is it just better to remove it? Never really ran into any issues up until I installed EZDOK Camera. Btw I absolutely love the features and how quickly you can shift cameras with the keyboard but just sucks that it keeps freezing when I switch angles and etc. Would adding more hard drive space solve this problem? I currently run a 250g SSD drive but I'm looking to upgrade to a 1 or 2TB hard drive. Please let me know if anyone knows a solution or where I can configure anything. Thanks.
  5. Yeah what a waste of money but I think GSX2 has a lot of great realistic features. Just annoys me how these jetways dont work with AI. Shouldn't be like that. Well I hope they get enough feedback to finally fix the problem. I really dont want to add every single airport add on for it to work otherwise my machine will melt lol.
  6. That already sounds like a lot of extra work. I guess I'll just leave it as it is until they release an update to fix or add it.
  7. Well that sounds depressing. Do you know if there will be a future update from FSDT? How do I change the settings to 50%? Is it in the SODE manager as well?
  8. Ok so I went into the SODE manager and noticed AI Traffic detenction was set at false and so I changed it to true. Re opened the sim but still notice the same, but I only was letting the sim run for a couple minutes to notice anything. Should jetways already be attached on AI aircraft when I first start up the sim or should I sit there and wait to start seeing something happen? I'll give it another go to test it out. Other then that I can't seem to see the reason why it shouldn't work now.
  9. I'm hoping it is...I'm sort of new to this. Do you know where I can find out ?
  10. Hello, Not sure if anyone is running into this issue with the new jetways. I just downloaded the GSX Expansion 2 which I absoluteltly love btw. Great to actually wait for passengers to board along with all the great realistic jetways. My current AI Traffic is Just Flight Global. The one issue I'm having that I noticed is when AI is parked at the gate. None of the aircrafts are operating a jetway. They are there, but not moving or attach/detach to parked AI. Anyone know of this bug and have a solution for me?
  11. Thanks! I actually purchased it via the Aerosoft Shop not in the Steam Store. So, with that being said, will it work?
  12. Question. I had Aerosoft Airbus bundle before for FSX Steam. Can I download the previous purchase I had for that and update it to P3D v4.3? Is this possible since I'm now running P3D v4.3?
  13. Ok so how do I download the update on SimBrief? I don't have a NaviGraph account.
  14. I'm not sure if it has something to do with the most recent CRJ update or P3D v 4.3 update or might not be neither, but now every time I try to load up my flight plan on the CRJ FMC, I get a "Load Error" message. I use SimBrief to plan my flights and use the FMC Downloader from SimBrief right on to the aircraft FMC. DIdn't have a problem loading my flight plans from SimBrief in my last 2 flights couple weeks ago. Now recently having this "Load Error" issue. I mean, I don't mind putting in the routes manually, but I love using SImBrief which saves me lots of time. Anyone having the same issue?
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