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  1. Just fired up Simple Traffic at KBOS and noticed planes landing on water. I followed all the settings via the manual as well. Not sure if this will be addressed on a future update. Planes are not landing on runways and keep flying at 3,000 ft and vanish along with unusual traffic jams with no movement. Disappointing to say the least and uninstalled until there's a stable traffic add on available or until there's a hot fix/update.
  2. Hi , I am just wondering if there has been any plans of adding cabin interior such as passenger seats, overhead bins, etc ? Or will this be added on a future update? I believe this would be a nice addition to walk through the cabin and add variety of custom window views or any view within the cabin. Just a nice touch to add to the beautiful CRJ.
  3. Very excited for this. Will the FO Checklist assistant be included like it was before? That was a big help with flows and checklists. Will there also be a cabin interior feature with passenger windows, seating, overhead bins, etc? This would be a great addition to the aircraft. Also great for custom window views.
  4. Hi, does the CRJ700 have assisted checklist feature within MSFS? If not , is this something that will be added or can it be requested to be added?
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