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  1. (Sigh).. would there be the v1.2.2 non-experimental available in an archive on the Aerosoft side of things?? Just trying to avoid being locked into v1.1 until such time as I upgrade to P3D v4.4. Thanks for your assistance with this, mike
  2. Hi Kevin,, Which version of P3D are you trying to install to?? P3D V4.3 or v4.4?? Mike
  3. Hi Neil, Which version the Airbus Professional were you running previously? Also, which version of P3D were you running it under? mike
  4. Hello, Since you/Aerosoft are not willing to provide an older recent version of the aircraft, can you confirm that v1.2.3 will operate properly within the P3D v4.3 platform? Thanks, mike
  5. Thanks Dave,, once again, you’ve been quite helpful. While I’ve got you, could you clear something up for me... I was looking on SimMarket at the Airbus A320 Professional (I currently have the A319), and it states that it supports P3Dv4, with no other mention of P3D requirement. However, in the v1.2.3 announcement here in the forums, it states it requires V4.4 for P3D. If so , I’m now in a quandary, as my P3D runs quite nicely on v4.3, but that would prevent me from running v1.2.3. If that is truly a restriction, I would like to ask again if I can receive a download link for v1.2.2 of the Airbus. I can certainly provide purchase/licensing info, if needed. Thanks for your help, mike
  6. Hello, is there a location in the documentation that possibly lists the possible modes that could be encountered during flight, for each section of the FMA? With that would there be a short description of what each mode might mean? For example, TOGA LK... Throttle has been locked into a TOGA configuration. Although I can’t remember it, I came across a mode in the FMA Autothrottle section that seemed to be new, but I couldn’t find a place to ‘look it up’. Thanks for your help, mike
  7. Hello, Does the AS Updater provide the ability to download a previous version of the Airbus Professional, in addition to the current v1.2.3?? I am looking to capture a download of v1.2.2 prior to attempting a full upgrade to v1.2.3. Thanks, Mike
  8. Hi Jim,, thus far, I’m finding it to be a sporadic issue..... one thing that’s on my mind about it, is the flight altitude. What altitude are you doing when it fails?? What if you trying moving up to an altitude of 20,000+ ? Does it still fail? Are you getting this w/ only GA aircraft? mike
  9. Hi masterhawk, just to be certain I’m following you on this,, are you saying that I —cannot— upgrade directly from to Just wanting to be sure, as the Aerosoft Updater is prompting me to update to Also, if I wish to save my custom liveries, would the existing livery manager & my saved liveries -survive- when I do the uninstall of Then, no problems trying to restore liveries under livery manager 1.1 to a Airbus v1.2.2.1? Just trying to be sure all is well, prior to getting into it all & finding lots of little gotchas along the way. Oh,, btw, how/where would I find the v1.2.0.0 installer?? thanks for your help! mike
  10. Dave,, Thanks for your reply..much appreciated. I'm currently running Version of the Airbus A319 Professional, in a P3Dv4.3 platform. One of the reasons I posted my question, was that I did not find any mention of bug reports on this subject, so I was going under the premise that the issue may have been 'pilot error' <g>. I did see a posting where problems were reported in 1.2.2, but none going back to earlier releases. If I must upgrade to v1.2.2.1, can you advise as to if I will need to backup my existing liveries for an upgrade only. Any help = certainly appreciated. My descents are pretty much handled manually, as I'm not certain when to begin. (when to change the Altitude on the FCU). Thanks Again, mike
  11. Hello, Pardonfor the question, as a similar question was asked a few days ago. But as that topic didn’t address the type of a/c, I figured I would pose my question for the A319. Is this aircraft supposed to display these TOC/TOD markers on the Nav display? If, so, for some reason I am not seeing them. Is there an option/setting to control this? If not, any ideas as to maybe a parameter I haven’t set in the FMC/FMS. Was this an issue in one of the earlier Pro version of this aircraft, and may have been fixed in an update along the way? Hoping someone may be of assistance, so thanks in advance for your help. orbmis
  12. Hi Emanuel,, As a follow up to this subject, there are instances where turning the autopilot on is triggering the TOGA Lock. I can follow that as the a/c seems to go into a fairly steep climb. Can you provide insight re: at what point/altitude, the autopilot should be switched on. Couldn’t really locate a clear explanation on this from the step-by-step guide. Even with this difficulty, I’m really starting to like this Airbus!! Again,Thanks for your help, Mike
  13. Hi Emanuel, I do believe FMA is indicating TOGA LK, but from my point, I’m not certain what it should be, nor how it got there. I’ve simply started takeoff, moved the throttles forward (?), pulled stick back and lifted off. It seems auto-throttle kicked in, and along the way FMA advises (white) to go to climb over. Could you clarify ‘overrotated’? Because I do think I entered into TOGA LK. But I think you may be on to what is happening, but I’m not sure of the correct procedure on this. Thanks Again, Mike
  14. Hello, Recently purchased the Airbus, and have been going thru my familiarization fairly well. But one issue that I haven’t been able to correct is on takeoff. All is going well, Airbus is climbing out, throttles at the CL detente, auto throttle is active, and holding the 250 limit while climbing to my initial 6000ft altitude point. Prior to reaching 6000ft, I reset my altitude to my desired 24,000 level. At this point, the aircraft begins to accelerate again, and keeps accelerating, all the way to over 320 knots. At this point, I start trying to correct things, but to no avail, other than taking complete manual control of the aircraft. Hoping if someone could help explain what I’m not doing correctly, and how to properly climb up to my desired altitude. Thanks for your help! Mike
  15. Hi,, Understood.. Thank You for the clarification. mike
  16. Hello, I currently have an Affinity Mask set in my Master Config Set. I have a 2nd configset titled 'Testing', but when I attempt to clear/delete the AM from the 2nd configset, it simply continues to re-appear, after I close/save the testing set. Is this a possible bug? Or, is there a way I can keep the AM in the master set, while omitting it from any other sets? Thanks, orbmis
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