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  1. Thank You Gentlemen! Much appreciated. Mike
  2. Hi All,, Well, I've tried looking thru the docs, but can't seem to locate a solution.... When I attempt to review my flightplan, by way of setting the mode selector to 'Plan', how do I step thru each of the waypoints/legs? Thanks for the assist. Mike
  3. Is version compatible with P3D v4.4 ?? Since it is ‘full install’ only, could you provide a download link?? Thanks
  4. Hello, This issue was reported back on May 5 in this forum., and was reported as to be resolved in the next experimental, at that time. Currently, I am running A319 Professional v1.2.4; is this error still pending resolution, or has it been addressed? If so, which A319 Professional version has addressed this? I've checked what I could find in the change logs, but haven't been able to locate any add'l information. Thank You for your help, Michael
  5. Hello,, Is Airbus A319 Professional Version 1.2.5.x compatible with P3D v4.4? Thanks, Mike
  6. Thank You to everyone who responded,,, all contained great information....much appreciated! Regards, Mike
  7. Hello, Thanks for your reply... I looked thru the guides, couldn’t find anything, but wanted to ensure I hadn’t accidentally missed it. 6 minutes to align is certainly acceptable, but I’ve bumped into 10 minute alignment times when located in Alaska. On that point, can I proceed to do my FMS activities, including flight planning, while the IRS is aligning? Thanks again and I do appreciate the quick reply. Mike
  8. Hello, Is there a ‘fast align’ option available in the A319 Professional? Does the aircraft have a sort of persistence memory, whereby it retains the region info of recent flights? thanks, Mike
  9. Thanks for the reply,,, I guess I was thinking of another aircraft. At least now, I won't go batty trying to recall where the TOGA hotspot was on the Airbus. orbmis
  10. Hello, Not sure if it's me getting my aircraft confused, but was there a TOGO Thrust hotspot in the Airbus A319 Professional?? Thought for sure there was one of the left side somewhere. Thanks for your help, orbmis
  11. Hello, Could you advise as to how I would add a specific approach to a FMS flightplan while flying enroute. During flight planning, the approach had not yet been determined, but I was given/assigned a specific STAR. How would I enter addl waypoints into the flightplan once vectoring has been received? Or for that matter, how would I insert waypoints into a flightplan, i can build the FMS flightplan, but not clear as to how I would modify/add to it once enroute. Is this subject addressed in one of the start guides and/or documentation?. Thanks for your assistance.
  12. Hi Dave,, Thanks for the assist...that one was hidden fairly well...I had searched around the Airbus configurator, but came up there. Appreciate your help, Michael
  13. Hello, With Airbus A319 Professional, I am hearing a cough and/or sneeze while pre-flighting inside the cockpit. I'm pretty certain this is coming from Aerosoft features, but I'd like to disable it. Could you provide direction as to where/how I can go to disable these sounds. Regards, Michael
  14. Hello Again, Thanks for the information..much appreciated. Mathijs,,, In that case, I think I will download the current v1.2.4.0 tonite. Just to be certain I have a v. version of that is compatible with P3D v4.4 Thanks, Mike
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