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  1. Hi there J.Schweigler I´ll try to explain what happens. When I start FSX it works perfectly. In free flight I can choose wich aircraft I want, except the Discus. When I select it, it pops up in the preview window with no textures and then, like a second later FSX crash. If I start FSX in freeflight with another plane and fly around a bit, then change to Discus, it´s the same thing, I can see the Discus panel without any gauges for a second, then crash. I recently (last week) reinstalled my PC, or more exactly I did a Factory Image Restore. And as far as I can tell all Windows updates is there. I have FSX Acceleration, it´s the only game I have on this computer. My computer: Dell XPS 430 Vista 32 service pack 2 4GB RAM Dual Core 3.0GHz ATI 4850 Hope this is for some use... //Fredde
  2. Hi again Now I´ve tried everything I can find in these posts, no Winch X, rename B21_vario, new ASC, with and without Cumulus X, disable my UAC. Nothing works. Hope there is a solution soon //Fredde
  3. Hi My FSX also crashes when I Load the Discus. Answers to the questions: 1. FSX installed as default 2. Vista 32 3. Yes, admin 4. UAC enable
  4. Hi again After some googleing I found others with same experience, and the replys all said, that aerosofts Falcon have rudder control but you have to compensate with ailerons. I tryed to fly and compensate with ailerons and there is some rudder control, not much, but perhaps it´s suposed to be that way? /Fredde
  5. Hi I did as you said, load default Cessna, changed to 2d panel and loaded the Falcon. It didn´t work, the same problem, I tryed with other aircraft as well. A reinstall didn´t help either. Hope you can help me some more... / Fredde
  6. Hi there everyone I have a problem (or at least I think it´s a problem) with the rudder control in my F16 from Aerosoft. I´m using microsofts ForceFeedback 2 and it´s working perfectly with all my aircrafts, except the F16. When I turn the Z axis it´s acting just like the X axis. It´s hard to fly without rudder. Maybe it´s supposed to be like this but I hope there is a solution. When I look from outside the rudders move like they should. Manouvering the aircraft on taxiways and runways works just fine. Inside the cockpit the rudderpedals move like they should, and yes my autorudder function is off. Hope someone can give me an answer.
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