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  1. Ok i think i found maybe the source of the issue - If you using checklist pilot and co pilot on, the co pilot switches seatbelts on and smoking on, at fl100 copilot turns off BOTH and if you after that turn on one of them loop starting when you Approach.
  2. yeah i got it all my other addons are in the addons folder except AS, just i mentioned it did not caused so far any issue. But if i will do a new install i will put all to a separate place, now trying to fly this baby :))
  3. interesting my was installed under p3d ecosystem/aerosoft, all the AS stuff there airports...etc never run into problem ......
  4. interesting im flying pre-generated company routes with Real pax number..etc ( VA vEZY ) and using simbrief, but i find very hard to match those with the AS fuel planner. Even if i add every item same as in simbrief or PFPX the fuel planner still gives me some different numbers. Just an idea but maybe add a line where user can edit ZWF rather than individual stuff. So we can easily match those numbers.
  5. Yes same works for me with all my aircraft NGX, Airbus..etc each has its own profile in FSUIPC with various hardware setup, throttle yoke combo, or stick and throttle combo...etc all works nicely
  6. interesting sounds like when you have a key-command assigned to something else and that command causing this-.--- but i don't know.... happened to me last night too. so now my workaround, I manage those buttons before the checklist.
  7. HI, i had the same issue last night, but never happened before - I did not solve yet but i think its maybe because there is somewhere a control assignment button or something which maybe causing this i need to check. Basically, in my case the check list got repeated like a LOOP and the setbelt and cabin sign button was off on off on loop :)))) How i solved, I clicked on Checklist turn off the copilot and pressed the skip item, and manually I could change the seatbelt switch after that I turned on the copilot again. and all worked fine. Would be good to know if there are a key-combo for those buttons
  8. Why such a rule? Mine installed into P3d/Ecosystem/ Aerosoft / all my aerosoft product are there, no problem at all, also some of them are installed there by default soon as the installer detected my P3d
  9. All fine now thank you, yes real light working fine too -
  10. its not listed with other planes so dont think its a problem:) anyway thanks for your help .
  11. OK Thanks, its working, - however I don't see real light in the add-on list true glass and my other add-ons )GSX, ActiveSKy..etc are there. Need to check with my other planes using real light maybe its its there. Thanks
  12. Hi, Just bought aA318/319 P3d V4 product, which is great, thanks guys, but i have a little problem. At night the center panel FCU not illuminated no backlight. Did i miss something? Original livery came with the install, DL ON, Real light .problem maybe? or user error?: ) I have TFDI 717 and QW787 all using real light did not see issue. Thanks for your help, still lovely bird
  13. Hi, I have the same problem as a previous poster I've bought the FSX version and I've got the free fs2004 version, if i go to the update page i can only see 1.50 for fsx, and if i want to register budapest 2007 and use the same serial what i've got for fsx its says serial wrong. any ideas where can i download the fs2004 1.50 version?
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