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  1. Keep in mind I posted this first (jk I don't care)
  2. @Mathijs Kok I think I might have found what you want: ( <- I forgot that it was still day in the us so I thought this was a normal image, thinking it was night there, this looked good, after my 2nd brain cell fired up I realized this must not be what you wanted, but after just going back one step I found the option below wich portrays the current image of the U.S., including accurate night/day textures This one for day and night (the one that suits you best): the first picture here is the on that probably suits you best (the second link)
  3. maybe these: I think this one is the best
  4. @Mathjis Kok Thank you for your quick response! I totally get it, i'm sure with or without discount it will have a fair price, as you products always have.
  5. You did an amazing job guys, looks soooo amazing, not just for the very nice price but in general! So excited to hopefully fly this beauty soon! Best christmas present, thank you Aerosoft!
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