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  1. I'm aware of these posts, I've been following the developer blog for a long time now however, I just wanted to say, that I hope Laminar will be able to improve the system they have planned now the new system sure has a lot going for it, but it lacks IMHO in 2 big ways: 1 - no schedules can be used like in the MS sims 2 - only 20 max AI planes I know pc's are currently not powerful enough to run with higher count AI aircraft, but that was just one of the reasons MS used simplified models/textures. I'm not saying the way MS did is better, no way, however when Austin speaks of trying to create a plausible world, I think major airports should have a lot of traffic.
  2. Mathijs I'm really starting to get a good feeling towards XP10 I already own FS9 + FSX as well as XP9 However until now I've not enjoyed XP9 as much as the MS sims. One of the major issues I have with XP9 (and XP10 as well so far) is the lack of AI aircraft Inside my MS sims I have 800+ airlines / general aviation / military flightplans installed I know XP10 has the ability to show UP TO 20!!!! AI aircraft, but you must agree with mee, visiting EHAM, EGLL, KORD, EDDF, KJFK or KLAX (or any other major airport for that matter) and seeing ONLY 20 aircraft on the stands is a bit of a let down Don't get me wrong, the new AI system looks awesome, but you must agree that having a FULL model including FULL features for AI which move/behave randomly is just where MS AI system has the advantage using simpler models with simpler textures (only 1 texture and 1 lightmap of max 1024x1024 pixels) which follow pre-composed flight plans (which are relatively easy to make/adjust). I hope Laminar Research will be able to upgrade the AI system further than what they have planned right now.
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