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  1. Airbus is 1.30 and I am on FSX Steam
  2. I Spawn at EGLL (with the Aerosoft EGLL Extreme installed), switch to cold and dark and no ground services are available. all of it becomes greyed out. I cannot do anything to enable it.
  3. What do you do if you do not have Active Sky? I only have FSXWX.exe (for visual effects).
  4. Go to Start, search for “programs and features”, click on the first link, scroll down to the A320, look at the version number. Mine is 1.30, for example.
  5. I also have the shaking effect. Reported extreme turbulence on VATSIM because of it. Even had to divert, too.
  6. It did not happen before, but it is now: my throttle quadrant is not working. Every time I throttle up the plane’s engines do not rev up, and the throttle in virtual cockpit does not move. Oddly, the keyboard keys (F2 and F3) move the throttle. My quadrant is correctly set up in the FSX settings, and I did not pay for FSUIPC (no FSUIPC settings). My throttle quadrant works in X-Plane, the PMDG 737, and the default FSX aircraft. I have my axis set to 2 and inverted in the configurator. My installation is correct (was working a fortnight ago). Any help?
  7. Windows 10 is full of bloatware, so I don’t recommend it.
  8. I have solutions: 1) Install Sim Connect 2) Install FSUIPC 3) Install FSX Acceleration Pack or SP2 4) Do all the above
  9. Tried this already. Does not work.
  10. To fly on VATSIM, I need to split my sound between my speakers and my headphones (environment sounds via the former, ATC via the latter). I have my FSX sounds through my speakers and vPilot via my headphones (Logitech USB). However, I have the environment and GPWS going thru my headphones. How do I fix this?
  11. I am still with FSX (not Steam). My suggestion is to revert back FSX SP2.
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