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  1. I've also had this issue, for some reason I've got two AS updater folders, one at C:/users/xxxx/Documents/Aerosoft and another at C:/Documents/Aerosoft. The A330 xml was in the C:/Documents/aerosoft and i simply cut and paste it into the C:/users/xxxx/Documents/Aerosoft one instead and this solved my issue, I don't know why this has happened as it's been perfectly fine in previous installs. Going to look into this one drive thing that's been suggested.
  2. Hello. Recently uninstalled my A330 and installed the latest build, works and flies all ok as expected, however it's nolonger showing in the AS updater app, My A318, 19, 20 and 21's and airports show up just fine. Is it normal for the A330 to nolonger show up in AS updater?
  3. If you do any updates i think it'll overwrite any effects that it's installed, try running the preciptfx installer again.
  4. Hello. I want to know if it's possible to use Nav Data Pro to update my AIRAC cycle for Active sky, and if it's not possible can you please consider adding it in the next update? Thanks.
  5. Mine isn't for some reason, thinking about it though i wonder if fs2 crew has something to do with it? I normally let the FO operate them, I'll try doing it myself next time and see what happens.
  6. It's odd though, if i toggle them off then on again once i'm on the ground they work correctly.
  7. HDR is on I only fly to and from Addon airports so not tried on default yet, however i own many airports from different developers, uk2000, Fsdreamteam, aerosoft, orbx ect and it happens at all of them.
  8. Hi, getting a strange problem with my A330. I've noticed that upon approach to landing my landing lights are not illuminating the ground, however once i'm on the ground and toggle the landing light switch off then on again they show up. I'm using p3dv4 HF2 and the latest at time of writing ver Also using FS2 crew ver 3.6b i think it was.
  9. If you're using FTX vector run the auto config tool, sometimes when you install a new scenery it can mess up some of the elevations at some airports.
  10. I'd say it was a coincidence, would be great if it was connected though.
  11. Sometimes Chase plane can lose the chosen presets for the aircraft, go into chaseplane panel, then re select the saved profile you was using previously.
  12. Do i have to copy the data whilst in flight? I'm not sure what you mean.
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