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  1. Many thanks for the update!
  2. Any news regarding the start locations?
  3. Hi, now that it is official that AFS2 is getting a heli, will Helgoland be updated for helicopter flying? Many thanks in advance! Greetings Nils
  4. NilsB79

    IPACS Introduction

  5. NilsB79

    IPACS Introduction

    hmm no answer ..thankfully i just discovered this:
  6. NilsB79

    IPACS Introduction

    Hi Jeff, nice to read you here. Will there be soon a helicopter for AFS2? The Helgoland scenery would be perfect to fly with a helicopter. Greetings Nils
  7. Any news? Thought it was close to release.
  8. The performance of AF2 is really impressive... I have a gaming laptop with a GF965GTX and the IntelHD graphics 530. I get >100FPS wit the Nvidia chip. But it would even run on the intelHD chip (=25FPS). That´s very impressive for me. Of course Af2 lacks a lot but the performance for flying is there. Many Thanks for the latest shots. I´m really looking forward to the release.
  9. lol Devon, i´m checking the forum regularly and i´m anxious Here are some of my pics of Buesum. Can´t wait to fly there
  10. Yes, please some news and screenshots
  11. Is there a time frame for the release?
  12. hm no water and no dynamic lights I understand that this is because of the limitations of AF2. I just wonder if Aerosoft would update the scenery, if IPACS would add new features (like water).
  13. Any news? Aerosoft doesn´t have a AF2 category on their site, so i wonder where the release will be published.
  14. Maybe it´s just the installer, which has to be pointed to the Steam library - at least i hope so.