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  1. The world's busiest airport for international travel finally gets the love it deserves. Hello everyone! I've stayed very under the radar the past two years because I've been busy with school as well as some scenery conversion projects for Aerosoft. However, throughout this time, I've also been working on a project that I've kept totally secret from the community. Some community members had asked me if I've been developing anything, and I'm pleased to reveal it today. Dubai Next-Gen will be released for X-Plane 11 and next-gen simulators. Dubai Intl is the world's busiest airport by international passenger traffic, and the world's third busiest by total passenger traffic. It is also the world's fourth busiest airport by international air freight traffic, and the world's sixth busiest by total air cargo traffic.[1] So far, I've spent most of the development time optimizing my workflow, writing my own tools, and making the jump to physically based rendering. I've already overhauled the project twice, and what you see now is version 3. Now that I've finalized my workflow and tools, I can get on the fast track to finishing the scenery. Here's a preliminary feature list for the X-Plane 11 version: PBR materials. 30 cm/pixel orthoimagery. Animated passenger boarding bridges with aircraft door assignments.[2] Animated Safedock T1 A-VDGS displays with RIDS.[2] Animated ground service vehicles. Static aircraft displayed using X-Plane's 'Draw parked aircraft' checkbox.[3] Compatibility with all major AI traffic plugins. Compatibility with Ortho4XP. [1] "Preliminary world airport traffic rankings released". ACI World. 13 March 2019. [2] Using the free Scenery Animation Plugin. [3] Using the free MixterX static aircraft extension. Release Date: Hopefully late 2020, but expect delays. In the meanwhile, check out these preview screenshots of the finished Concourse A with its twenty A380 gates. They've been captured in X-Plane 11 using stock shaders—only the shadows quality has been increased. I'll post more previews here as development moves forward. Click on each screenshot below to view it in full 4K resolution.
  2. Hi, I will try to help you in English, and maybe Heinz could translate my response to German. Ortho4XP can utilize both JOSM (.osm) and X-Plane OBJ8 (.obj) files for mesh patching. Make sure you are using Ortho4XP v1.30 and that the mesh.obj file is placed in Ortho4XP/Patches/+40+000/+46+006/LSGG Attached is a screenshot I took of Ortho4XP successfully using the .obj patch to generate a tile. ----------------------------------------- EDIT (HFlichtbeil): in German: Ich werde versuchen, Ihnen auf Englisch zu helfen, und vielleicht könnte Heinz meine Antwort auf Deutsch übersetzen. Ortho4XP kann sowohl JOSM- (.osm) als auch X-Plane-OBJ8- (.obj) Dateien zum Patchen von Gitternetzen verwenden. Stellen Sie sicher, dass Sie Ortho4XP v1.30 verwenden und die Datei mesh.obj in Ortho4XP / Patches / + 40 + 000 / + 46 + 006 / LSGG abgelegt ist Anbei ein Screenshot von Ortho4XP, den ich erfolgreich mit dem .obj-Patch erstellt habe, um eine Kachel zu generieren. -------------------------------------------
  3. The best DFW scenery gets even better. Hi everyone. I'm pleased to announce a free major update to DFW that includes a whopping 30 improvements/fixes for issues reported to me by the community and that I noticed myself. Thank you to everyone who sent me messages/posted on my topics pointing out the various different issues. Here are the changes: All scenery elements are now correctly aligned with the ground layout New custom files for World Traffic v3 and updated files for X-Life v2.0 support LAHSO lights now stay on during the day and pulsate at the FAA-designated rate (1.72s ON, 0.46s OFF) Added missing MALSR approach lighting on Runway 31R Added missing taxiway centerline + edge lights and intermediate hold short markings on the aircraft overpasses Added missing apron lights on the underside of the Skylink tracks Added AutoGate marshallers to eligible gates/stands with no A-VDGS Added missing night lighting on the Skylink cars and tracks Added missing jet blast deflectors throughout the airport Added the three missing ramp towers Added the two missing radar towers with animated spinning dishes Added the missing American flag and American Airlines plaque at the Terminal A-C Connector Added the missing Maverick VOR/DME structure Added missing parking sheds north of Terminal E Added missing fuel tanks at well drilling sites throughout the airport Added wind-dependent ATC traffic flows to runways and one-way directionality to parallel taxi routes Added the service roads that run parallel to International Pkwy Fixed streetlights protruding through the aircraft overpasses Fixed passenger Skylink track pillars protruding through PBBs and GSE Fixed visual artifacts on the aircraft overpasses Fixed default AI aircraft not using the airport Fixed color of high-pressure sodium apron lights and added an individual 'billboard' for each lamp housing Fixed PBBs not connected to the Terminal B Stinger Fixed position of RIDS displays for Gates B1-B3 Fixed flickering parts of the Skylink tracks Fixed visible seams between orthoimagery tiles Fixed sky visibility through translucent windows Fixed missing interior wall sections of Terminals A-C & E Fixed flickering interior wall sections of Terminal D Reduced the probability of incorrect airlines at Terminals D & E when using the MisterX static aircraft library New custom files for World Traffic v3: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/41898-world-traffic-v3-files-for-aerosofts-dallasfort-worth-intl-kdfw-scenery/ Updated files for X-Life v2.0: http://jardesign.org/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=15319 The update for both the X-Plane 10 and X-Plane 11 versions of the scenery has been pushed to Aerosoft today and should be released to customers soon. If you have any questions regarding the changes, please feel free to ask.
  4. I'm running Xplane 10.50  with the Aerosoft KDFW scenery.  There are no planes at the terminals even though there are no error messages.

    1. Omar Masroor

      Omar Masroor


      Have you turned on the Draw Parked Aircraft at Airports checkbox in X-Plane 10.50's Rendering Options?

  5. Hello. I thought I'd post on a public thread in case others have the same problem. I just purchased this scenery today.  Upon downloading the zip file, i unzipped it and inside ( xplane 11 file ) was only one file named as the airport. inside this file were several other file folders. I placed the entire folder inside the custom scenery folder like you would for any other scenery. I do not see any difference between stock and this scenery. I must be doing something wrong. I also landed on runway 17C and the ILS was way off to the left of the runway.  I removed the file folder and launched the sim with the stock airport again.  I landed on 17C right down the middle this time. So I think your scenery might be off a little.  because with stock i had no problem.  And is there something I'm suppose to do to activate this scenery to have the full effect.....because I really do not see any difference.  I looks nothing like it does in videos and screenshots. thanks. for your help.


    1. Dave1399


      Never mind.  I see where i went wrong. You have to place the 5 folders which are inside the main folder which reads custom scenery into the custom scenery folder.  Not the entire folder which holds them all.  That fixed everything.  So I guess maybe a readme file inside the folder explaining that all 5 files need to be transferred to make it work.  Just a suggestion. But as a side note.  Great work.  I really like it.


  6. Important: The Aerosoft_KDFW_Overpass_Fix.zip file I posted in my previous post (post #6) was causing AI traffic to taxi through the elevated overpasses instead of over them. Please download the new Aerosoft_KDFW_Overpass_Fix_#2.zip file attached to this post instead. Aerosoft_KDFW_Overpass_Fix_#2.zip
  7. Crucial Bug Fix for Aerosoft Dallas/Fort Worth Intl A user has pointed out to me that crossing the elevated overpasses on Taxiways A/B/Y/Z may cause your aircraft to abruptly jump a few feet into the air and suffer from a tailstrike or other form of damage. Use this fix to to diminish the issue: Download the Aerosoft_KDFW_Overpass_Fix.zip file attached to this post. Extract the archive. Copy the extracted 220.obj file and place it in your X-Plane/Custom Scenery/Aerosoft_KDFW_5_Scenery/ folder, overwriting the previous file. Aerosoft_KDFW_Overpass_Fix.zip
  8. The new flagship for X-Plane. Hello everyone. I'm pleased to announce that my new scenery for X-Plane is now available on the Aerosoft Online Shop. Check out the launch trailer below: Sprawled across 18,076 acres of land—an area larger than the island of Manhattan—DFW is the world's third largest airport. With 681,244 aircraft movements in 2015, it is also the world's third busiest airport. 7 runways, 5 terminals, 165 gates and 3 control towers help accommodate the 1,845 daily flights. DFW is the headquarters and the largest hub of American Airlines, the world's largest airline. Features 30 cm/pixel orthoimagery and 1 cm/pixel custom ground detail/markings Airport lighting and pavement markings closely follow FAA/ACI standards Terminals with interiors modelled using actual architectural drawings Modelled aircraft overpasses crossing International Parkway Ray-traced ambient occlusion, local illumination and specular mapping Uses advanced X-Plane features such as decal shading and 3D spill lights Animated passenger boarding bridges and Safedock® A-VDGS at all gates (using the freely available AutoGate plugin by Jonathan Harris)* Animated road traffic and Skylink APM Works with the ‘Draw Parked Aircraft’ feature introduced in X-Plane 10.50 Complete taxiway network for use by ATC and AI aircraft Fully compatible with the X-Life plugin by JARDesign* Makes full use of the new ground service vehicles introduced in X-Plane 11 Thousands of hand-placed objects such as parked cars and streetlights Parked cars, streetlights and terminal interiors can be individually turned on/off to optimize performance* Uses 4K textures to maximize performance by minimizing draw calls * = view the manual for instructions View more videos of the scenery here: https://goo.gl/KxxWF7 -- Click on each screenshot below to view the full detail of the scenery in gorgeous 1920 x 1080 pixels --
  9. A video of Airport Southwest Florida Intl is now available: https://youtu.be/n-K58aISrBk

  10. Southwest Florida Intl (KRSW) STATUS UPDATE #2

    Hey everyone. I regret to inform you that, due to a delay, the release of the scenery has been postponed to some time next week. However, the good news is that the Download version and the Steam version of the scenery will be released on the same day. I thank you all for your patience regarding the release of this product.


    Hello all, and thanks for all the support! I am pleased to announce that Aerosoft hopes to release the scenery within a week (on Thursday, to be specific).

    I have fixed some bugs and made some improvements to the scenery since my first post. These changes include more than doubling the texture resolution of some airport structures and ground vehicles, and adding weathering to the terminal and surrounding airport buildings.

    Some of these changes are slightly visible in the updated screenshots below (click on each screenshot for full quality):







  12. This is a game changer.

    Hello everyone. After many months of hard work, I am thrilled to unveil Southwest Florida Intl for X-Plane 10. In the screenshots below, catch a glimpse of one of the most detailed and beautiful sceneries ever created for X-Plane. Handling about eight million passengers a year, Southwest Florida Intl is the second busiest single-runway airport in the United States, and the 45th busiest in the United States overall.

    Key Features:

    • 10 cm/pixel aerial orthoimagery covering the entire airport (approx. 8.41 sq. km)
    • 1 cm/pixel custom ground detail/markings
    • True-to-life pavement, not repetitive textures
    • Never-before-done, hand-placed pavement seams covering the entire airport apron, runway and taxiways
    • Baked-in, ray-traced ambient occlusion on all major buildings
    • Baked-in, ray-traced night illumination on the airport terminal building
    • Specular reflections and all-HDR lighting (no hand-painted lighting)
    • Accurate building heights, measured using LIDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) elevation data
    • Designed using efficient modelling techniques and X-Plane 10-native methods for maximum performance without compromising on quality
    • Animated jet bridges and marshallers at all gates (using the freely available AutoGate plugin by Jonathan Harris)
    • Static aircraft as an option
    • Animated and static ground vehicles
    • Volumetric grass
    • Road traffic
    • Compatible with HD Mesh Scenery v3 by Andras Fabian

    Release Date: This scenery is not really a 'work in progress' any more, it has been completed and submitted to Aerosoft. That being said, a release date is not currently available.

    -- Click on each screenshot below to view the full detail of the scenery in gorgeous 1920 x 1080 pixels --




































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