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  1. Thank you very much Shaun! Best regards, mikfun
  2. Hello, I purchased and downloaded the Carenado Piper Seneca from the Aerosoft shop a couple of a days ago. A nice plane! I am just wondering whether this download already includes the patches I found on the Carenado site. There are three of them dating back to mid 2009. I asume, they are already included in my download, just want to make sure. Otherwise I would update the aircraft. Thanks, mikfun
  3. Hallo Al, I am sorry, I have no answers to questions 1 and 2. But concerning question 3, you can find the answers in this very forum. In the first pinned thread you´ll find what you are looking for: Twin Otter Checklist And Performance Sheet . Best regards, mikfun
  4. Many, many thanks bumprock, what a story ! I guess, you have proven me wrong and I have to learn how to fly a "rodeo-bull", without asking for help - and I´ll try my very best, that nobody will hear the virtual pilot permanently screaming: "You damned little ... !@#$!%&*$#!" ! I have got a new challenge, that´s great ! Cheers and many thanks to all the contributors, mikfun
  5. Many thanks for your comments! I fully understand and share your remarks, they are obvious and they have been obvious to me before. I just cannot believe, that a real world Twotter is in a way sensible to wind, as it is in my FSX. A sickpack would be far to small for the passengers (and pilots) . It cannot be, that an aircraft, that is designed for bush-flying and "rough" regions of the world is shaking around like cracy even in lower wind-speeds. Maybe the problem is, as some stated, FSX itself. As far as I understood, most of you have done some wind-smoothing, so that the Twotter can be flown much better, than mine. But I still keep wondering, if the problem is not (partly) the programming of the aircraft itself. I really would like to see a patch, that reduces the turbulence problem, without taking away its close to reality flight dynamics - or is it possible to improve it by some changes in the aircraft.cfg? I stick to my opinion, that the Twotter is far too sensible and thereby beyond reality. Best regards, mikfun
  6. Hallo fellow simmers, The Twin Otter I bought a couple of weeks ago is a really nice plane and I have already spent many hours flying it. Unfortunately there is one serious problem I experienced: the Otter reacts to turbulances and wind like a "rodeo-bull" and can hardly be controlled. It is virtually impossible to fly it under real weather conditions and I cannot believe, that the real aircraft behaves in the same way. What are your experiences fellow Otter-pilots? Am I the only one having this problem and is there a solution to it? Yes, I can turn off the turbulance-effects in FSX, but do I have to use this unrealistic mode with a payware-aircraft? Thanks for any help, mikfun
  7. Hallo everyone, This morning I did my first flight with the Twin Otter and was a little disturbed by the limited zoom-factor in the Virtual-cockpit-view. I now found this threat and changed the WideViewAspect in my FSX.cfg to True, as suggested. Somewhere else I have already read about this in some other context, and using a 24´´, 1920x1080 monitor, I was considering earlier to make this change. Whatever the technical background is, it turned out to work perfectly for me ! I now have a much better view in the VC as before that change! That´s also true for all the other aircraft I have installed. Thanks a lot for this good advise, mikfun!
  8. Thanks James, The problem, is solved, if you want to call this a solution. In another forum (simFlight Networks Forum) I got a precise answer from Volker Heine (I believe, one of the developers of FSC): "Hi mikfun, FSCommander do NOT transfer any weather data into a flightplan or inti your flightsimulator. Please study also the current manual. Regards, Volker" Obviously real weather downloads in FSC are useless!!! I did not get an answer, claiming this fact in my response. I call it strange, when there is a feature, also used for marketing purposes, that has no function apart from drawing nice arrows on a map and providing useless data. Cheers, mikfun
  9. Thank you Shawn, That´s actually what I am doing, but I am not satisfied with this. I like the moving GPS-map of FSC and also its "weather-arrows" etc. But they are wrong, when I use real weather from FSX. At least Radar Contact gets the right data. Anyway, I can live with it . Particularly because I already see the next serios "weather-issues" appearing on the horizon, because in the very near future I´ll purchase Real Environment Extreme 2 or Active Sky Advanced, both having a "weather-machine" . Another solution would be, that I always fly in the sunshine . Thanks again, mikfun
  10. Hallo fellow simmers, Now, that I am eventually able to download real weather into FSC (see the thread further below), it seems that weather issues continue to confuse me . I just cannot find out, how I get the downloaded weather into my FSX. Because I am using FSC together with Radar Contact 4.3 I always have conflicting weather data and subsequently strange situations. What I know is, that Radar Contact uses the weather from FSX. But FSX gets its data for real weather from a different source, as FSC does. So the "default" FSX real weather is of no use. Therefore the solution should be, to save a flight plan, created in FSC together with its own weather data and use it in FSX. Then, Radar Contact should know, whether the sun shines, or snow is falling . But I just cannot find out, how I get FSC weather data into my FSX, because it obviously does not use it despite having the flight-plan. Maybe I am making a stupid mistake, but I could not find an answer in the FSC manual or tutorial. Please, can somebody help me? Many thanks, mikfun
  11. Thank you James, I could try the link you provided only now. It works perfectly! Many thanks, mikfun
  12. I have recently downloaded FS Commander 8.5 from the Aerosoft-website and I am excited about this addon. There is only one problem I have. When I try to download "real" weather, FSC comes with the error-message: "invalid URL for weather file". I have looked this up on the website, where the data is supposed to come from, and there the URL does really not exist. Does anybody know the correct URL so that I can change it? I couldn't find one. Many thanks, mikfun
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