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  1. Hello peterf, you need to enable AF2_LSGG.bgl to get only static jetways, so "AF2_LSGG_SODE.bgl" must be turned off or deleted. For the runway names, no it's not correct, but only in the P3D menu. Going to 22L or 05 will lead you to runway 22 or 04 in the sim. I sent Aerosoft an AFCAD which corrects this
  2. Looks like an easy fix to me then. Create a vehicle parking spot or a fuel parking at the main terminal in a suited place for all vehicles to spawn from there in the AFCAD, for instance : I'm not home this week-end but I'll do it myself on Monday, if Aerosoft gives me permission I'll share Actually, I've modified a bit the AFCAD to fix some things : localizer alignment with runway centreline, default gate spawn location (now spot on the centreline), added gates 89A, 89B, 89C, 121, 123, 125, 127, runway start nomenclature (22/04). I even modified all default GSX vehicle locations, but that's not linked to the AFCAD.
  3. I understand the issue is on my end but I don't see what I can do to my monitor to see the lighting from further away Mathijs. And I'm not blaming you of course, but just saying that it's the very first time I see this so I assumed it was on your side. When I saw a streamer have the same issue, it comforted by assumption. That being said, I don't have a very good monitor.
  4. Btw, I thought about something with your new DDE. You can disable it with one click. Maybe you could set some options so the user can chose to force rwy lights ON ? Can be useful at any airport, regardless of the weather or time of day. You could even set some options to for instance chose the runway exits that are lit.
  5. Yeah, I tried with HDR ON but it's still the same thing. I'll just wait on your alternate light set 😛
  6. Wonderful, thanks ! Indeed, my HDR is off in P3D.
  7. Interesting, any setting responsible for this ? I've been tweaking all and still get the same result I understand that airports may be too bright, and that P3D may be limiting in this matter, but any way for me to make the lights brighter ? A file I could tweak ? I would be happy on a 8.5NM final with the brightness like your screen above
  8. I see, I thought it was a mistake About the lights, I made some comparisons. You can see that the runway lights IRL can be seen from far away : In the sim (and it's not only me as the twitch replay proves it) it's only visible as it should on very short final which is not enough. See for instance (and this screen is actually not taken that far away since I'm above the Léman, the runway you can guess but not quite see is the rwy 22) : A competitor of yours, JustSim EBBR (I mean no comparison of course, but just so you see that the brightness is different) : To compare what's comparable, Pad-Labs EDDT does not have the issue aforementioned and night lighting is quite good from the distance.
  9. 22/04 is indeed correct, unlike the taxi signs of your scenery (look at the left and right taxi signs). That's weird, the video clearly shows there is an issue. Would you mind take a screen at 7-8 miles final at night ? If you see the runway lights from there I will look into my P3D settings.
  10. How can it be outdated, I don't understand ? Yes it's on, but as you can see I'm not the only one having the issue 😕 When you say that you cannot confirm, do you mean that you don't have the issue on your end ?
  11. Hello, I figured I would open another thread since It's different issues than the one already opened. Two issues here : 1) Taxi signs 23/05 and 23/5 2) Night lights range The night lights are good but they only appear when you are very close to the airport (2nm or less only, and at 2nm they're not that visible). You can see the phenomenon here (starting at 2H03MIN) :
  12. This snowball was rather unexpected, let me clarify and this will be my last post because this forum is not very welcoming. Yet I want to clarify something. If you look at my comment's history, you can see that I have been polite and nice all the way. I have been asking updates and previews (I'm not the "is it ready yet ?" kind of guy, but I have been asking because I thought the project was very near release (cf your 28th of September facebook post announcing it)), but I was not only asking for previews or screenshots, I have been asking on technical details on the scenery (cf my post on runway & approach lights) and nobody answered me. Yet, I remained patient because I understand that developing things takes time. Not questioning this. The following needs clarification as well : I was not sarcastic. Communication is not your strong suit it seems (again, no sarcasm, I'm trying to make constructive criticism here). See below for more explanation. Mathijs Kok stated the following : "Keep in mind we also have professional customers that have different demands." I was just asking for some more details because I did not understand what he meant. As well, I did not realize that Geneva would be outdated upon release. That's it. I don't know where you see the sarcasm. But nobody said otherwise, I understand how software development works. Although, how can you expect customers to know where your feature list "froze" if you don't say anything ? I see that you can post comments, so why don't you do it ? "Hey guys, Geneva won't have 54-58 stands". It's that easy. So yes, I assumed that Geneva would be up to date upon release but not because I'm an angry guy who won't buy your scenery because there are 4 stands - I won't be even using - missing, I assumed it because you didn't say anything. I think you missed my point, and could have just answered my question which was a genuine one. I don't understand the part with "professional customers that have different demands", so I asked clarification. You should really consider locking those previews threads and post updates when you're ready if you don't want us to ask things.
  13. Professional customers that have different demands ? Could you clarify ? I didn't realize I was waiting for a scenery which would be outdated at release...
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