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  1. Hello, (I just saw the option to receive an e-mail when a new AIRAC is released in the NDP software, so that'll warn me later). However, for future reference, do you have a special time that you release at, i.e 0700z or is it kind of random during the first day of the airac ? Thanks !
  2. That was the update I was looking for Ben, thanks. Any plan to add SODE VDGS for the gates ?
  3. Oh ok my bad, I thought you were saying this was actually modeled. I wish it was ! Thanks for the answer.
  4. Is this a feature ?! I have the same altitude on both runways, I thought you didn't bother replicating that
  5. Thanks, I learnt that unfortunately SODE VDGS parking system must be aligned with the stop line.
  6. Hey, two questions here : 1. Was away from my PC for the holidays so I just installed the latest, which did not fix the aforementioned issue. You talked about another set of runway lights, can we expect that for the next update ? SODE lights maybe ? I've seen that they are quite good ! (Btw my screen is perfectly calibrated, as I said I'm not the only one to get the issue Mathijs). 2. Is it planned to integrate SODE VDGS system ? If not, is there a way to delete the visual dockings in your scenery ? I'm thinking about buying their product and placing stuff on the
  7. I'm away from my sim pc and I cannot test yet, but from what your screen shows it seems that they did not include my AFCAD at all. Sorry for that, it's indeed disappointing, since it's one file to copy paste.
  8. I'm in flight so I couldn't install the new update just yet, but if they used my AFCAD stands 121 & following were added (albeit without a path for push, that may prevent AI traffic to come in though). As I fly online I didn't remove stands 21 & following but that can easily be done if you use AI traffic, let me know.
  9. Hello peterf, you need to enable AF2_LSGG.bgl to get only static jetways, so "AF2_LSGG_SODE.bgl" must be turned off or deleted. For the runway names, no it's not correct, but only in the P3D menu. Going to 22L or 05 will lead you to runway 22 or 04 in the sim. I sent Aerosoft an AFCAD which corrects this
  10. Looks like an easy fix to me then. Create a vehicle parking spot or a fuel parking at the main terminal in a suited place for all vehicles to spawn from there in the AFCAD, for instance : I'm not home this week-end but I'll do it myself on Monday, if Aerosoft gives me permission I'll share Actually, I've modified a bit the AFCAD to fix some things : localizer alignment with runway centreline, default gate spawn location (now spot on the centreline), added gates 89A, 89B, 89C, 121, 123, 125, 127, runway start nomenclature (22/04). I even modified all defau
  11. I understand the issue is on my end but I don't see what I can do to my monitor to see the lighting from further away Mathijs. And I'm not blaming you of course, but just saying that it's the very first time I see this so I assumed it was on your side. When I saw a streamer have the same issue, it comforted by assumption. That being said, I don't have a very good monitor.
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