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  1. I apologize if this has been addressed before, this is a massive forum! Anyway does AS have any plans to potentially introduce the PW6000 engine model for the A318 and the original classic A320-100? I think this is really the only thing missing from a visual standpoint of an outstanding product. That and I would absolutely LOVE the ability to have the older standby instruments at least as an option as well. Just a few things to think about that I think would add value and uniqueness to your product. Thanks!
  2. Yes generally you want to engage descent just prior to to the T/D so the A/P doesn't get behind the airplane. I too was getting up to -4400 where I just stopped it there and took over in V/S and brought it back down to 2500. Sometimes you have to be a pilot and not let the airplane get away from you. The issue right now, at least evident to me is the fuselage drag coefficient in the FDE at flight idle in the upper FLs. It drops too much speed at idle in the descent so the A/P has to try to keep the target speed with pitch. Most airplanes of this size should be able to remain on target speed at flight idle with a -1990 to -3000 fpm descent rate or with a little bit of speedbrake help (757 comes to mind). The airplane has lots of momentum and energy as you descent, most of which you bleed off when slowing for 10K or whenever the decel point is. It drops speed currently almost as much as it should at a more level AoA. But as Mathijs said the dev team is look into it. The more feedback they get the better. So they have an idea how to resolve it
  3. I haven't encountered any such issues. Usually these types of issues can be as simple as a noisey joystick. Not saying one way or another that's your issue. But I'd make sure everything is all squared away there.
  4. The real A319 can easily achieve 5500fpm under the right conditions and weight. But at your weight although still 30K+ LBS under MTOW it probably shouldn't be that quick. I wouldn't worry though. I'm confident AS is taking in all this feedback and will make the necessary adjustments. A really good indicator and metric is the chrono time from spool up to reaching 10,000 ft above ground level. Under most conditions this should be between 4 and 5 minutes on the Airbus. But can be less when really light. Time to cruise is another good metric as well.
  5. I actually wasn't sure or not if it was indeed RL initially as I didn't read that list. I apologize if it was perceived that I thought you guys hid its existence. Definitely alternate .fx based lightning set for us SLI users is ideal so we can fly the bus a night which an SLI user currently cannot unless you turn SLI off. Keep up the great work gentlemen.
  6. So it indeed looks like you guys used Real Light for this product. SLI users such as myself need an alternate set of fx files or an option to disable RL so we can use the lighting without issues. Real Light is fundamentally flawed product IMHO with this issue. It should always have a disable option / alternate fx lighting until TFDI fixes this for SLI users (If Ever).
  7. I noticed a lot of variation in the sound levels of Altitude callouts, the sound environment, the APU etc. For example the Altitude Callouts being much too loud compared to everything else, The sounds need slight dynamic range compression and volume normalization to all be at about the same amplitude so there arent any sounds significantly louder than one another in the simulator environment.
  8. Yep. And during decel on landing. The gear wind cuts out at about 20GS with no gradual fade out during the landing rollout.
  9. Once again congrats on the release Aerosoft. Well done. Just did my first flight and thoroughly enjoyed it. Besides the panel back lighting flickering issue (I have SLI) I already reported in another thread... here are the initial things I noticed from my first flight and extra time messing around with the airplane. 1) Ground Speed on ND displays "000". - This is incorrect. There should only be 1 zero when the GS is 0. 2) Pre Armed Modes on the PFD should be CLB and NAV. The airplane loads with NAV and ALT, thus after 400ft agl it doesn't go into THR CLB - CLB mode auitomatically, I had to toggle OP CLB then cycle it to get THR CLB - CLB. Also Missing was the SRS indication when thrust was set and the airplane tracked out of RWY mode too soon into NAV immediately the main wheels left the ground. 3) Plan Mode only steps through the flightplan with the Captain side MCDU. Which makes no sense since the product is not a dual independent CDU at the moment. So the logic seems half and half. It's single CDU/Display Control operation except this. 4) Uncommanded Automatic select of FLX Temp on TO Perf Page. When completing all the entries it automatically entered 59C for the Flex. It turned out to be perfect as I was going off 27R at EGLL. Just wondering what is this based on and if it's based on the Runway Selection, Perf Parameters and weight is should suggest it to you rather than automatically enter it. I recommend a 2D pop up V Speeds and Assumed Temp Calculator based on the completed Perf INIT. 5) NAV Mode overly aggressive roll rate on turns more than 10-15 degrees heading change. The NAV AP roll rate is a bit fighter jet esque at the moment. Besides this the NAV tracking is EXCELLENT. 6) The airplane seems to get a second "wind" above FL140-150 or so. I reached FL320 in 16 minutes 30 seconds at near MTOW on the A319 after a 4min 45sec time to 10,000ft which was about right for the weight. It got this second wind around FL140 and pretty much stayed pegged at 2200+ to FL320. This is a little over ambitious for the weight I was at. A 19 to 22 minute climb to cruise is about where it should on most flights. 7) The fuel flow seems off. The airplane sips fuel nearly at the same rate on the ground as it does in the climb to FL320. I took off with 8400kts and leveled off with 6800kgs of fuel at near MTOW. Certaintly not enough fuel burn IMHO. Once at cruise the fuel burn is pretty close. It;s just that first 30 minutes of flight from Takeoff to Cruise you guys should look at. 8) Taxi/Breakaway thrust (Especially relevant to the 318/319) Both these birds in real life need only about 26-30 N1 nudge to start moving and once they do it should creep up to 17-22 GS on the ground at idle gradually building speed. The current FDE needs constant thrust up to 35-45 N1 to keep going and it slows down even when quite light. And even near MTOW on the real thing particularly on concrete surfaces it will pick up speed at idle once you give it that nudge to get momentum. Look into this. 9) Initial descent rate at the T/D was in the 4100-4500 range. Had to intervene in V/S as the thing was really hunting the descent profile too aggressively in the upper flight levels. The issue is that in the Mach Portion of the descent it's dropping speed too fast so it needs to compensate with pitch. FDE related, I'd look into the fuselage drag decreasing this a bit. Remember this is transport category airplane with lots of interia going 500mph at idle pointing down 2000-3500fpm. The speed should not drop so fast at idle unless your closer to level AoA. 10) I know new displays are on the way but and I appreciate the increased readability in a desktop PC environment but please look into the Fonts and sizing for SP1. I think a little too much bias was given towards the readability, it sort of cheapens the displays with the Font type and sizing, line thickness etc used that are otherwise very nicely drawn displays. Especially the Upper Engine display is very well drawn. A font tweak and size adjustment will dramatically improve the immersion of the cockpit.The FCU font is also a little "off" looking as well. 11) Gauge Sound Logic Tweaks Needed : Namely the Gear Wind logic how the sound remains playing loudly through decel on the runway down to 35 GS or so and the rumble sound just gets out. Same thing for the Takeoff, if you abort a TO or do a high speed run and slow down you can hear the rumble noise cut out abruptly. I recommend a gradual fade out and tweak to the logic. The sounds are extremely well done. The interior engine sounds between 1/3 and 2/3 throttle have a touch too much "hiss" which makes them too loud during the CRZ and upper Descent/Climbout portion. 12) A comprehensive integrated Livery Manager that automatically repairs older repaints and allows them to work. Or come up with a repaint format for importing to the manager and ditch text editing all together. Which should be expected at this price point. 13) For those of us like myself in the US, we naturally prefer our native Imperial Units for Weight and Barometric Pressure. An MCDU option to easily change this in the MCDU settings in the simulator is an absolute must have. Temperature, not needed at Celcius is the Aviation standard both in the US and around the world. But LBS and inHG Option Please These issues aside initially I think Aerosoft did a WONDEFUL job with the Airbus. It's very enjoyable especially knowing you guys did the full fleet and with or without sharklets. The exterior model, sounds and all critical systems for normal flight seem to be there. This product has a lot of potential. And with some of these improvements and more it will be a real winner. Well done and keep up the good work.
  10. Just did my first flight and I must say I am overall impressed. Definitely some work to do but I think it's a solid product at the moment. As an SLI user I am unable to use Reallight or similar from TFDI because they simply do not know how to make it work for SLI. Does the AS Airbus have Realight or similar for lighting of the panels? The displays are fine but the panel lights are on by default on initial load and with the knob full left they still remain on flickering badly. Just like the issue on the TFDI 717. I have dual 1080TIs and I don't see it acceptable solution to disable my SLI for the lighting to work as it should. Are there alternate lighting FX files that work for SLI users such as myself? Thanks.
  11. I also can confirm this. It jumps like 0.5 units at a time. It was an adventure just trying to get it to go to 0.8 nose up.
  12. Version 1.0.1


    This is a simple update that improves the windscreen sound with an updated sound as well as fine tuned parameters to the wind of both soundsets. The new sound has a wider stereo image and thus will penetrate the engines and other environment sounds better. I felt the original wind sound wasn't robust enough and the engines were far too loud at cruise and during the climbout once up to 250+ kts. Simply install by extracting to your C:\Users\*Account Name Here*\Documents\Prepar3D v4 Add-ons\Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional Base Folder. Back up your original sound cfg if you wish to revert. No need to back up the original wind sound as mine has a new file name. I HIGHLY Recommend that your environment sound slider is set to 100 and the engines at 55 for optimal experience. Christopher Petersen did a great job with the new IAE and CFM soundsets for the new release. Far better than what is included in the competitions Airbus A32x product as far as pure engine sounds go. Enjoy guys. Emil P. Serafino
  13. This is far too complicated for a Payware product. Why doesn't Aerosoft provide a simple organized method of installing liveries? The previous version livery compatibility should have at least been forseen prior to release. Just my 2 cents.
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