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  1. Hodge001 Jim thanks for the reply but where do I go to find the mod you make reference to plus I am not very literate on using the cp so will appreciate any consideration you can show in helping me make the change needed so I can enjoy flying this plane the way I do the otherplanes using both monitors. Thanks very much eray9s (eray9s@sbcglobal.net)
  2. Mr. Fletcher I purchased this group of planes from you a while back and really like to fly them but I am so confused as to how I must fly or use them with 2 monitors as I do with all planes I fly. I put on main screen the plane in locked spot and on 2nd monitor put gps, radio stack and best view of cockpit with all instruments in view. Seems like some answers to above were given sometime ago and I lost them. Can you or anyone help me to enjoy the beaver by giving some thoughts as to how to use and enjoy? Thanks eray9s (elmer)
  3. I have enjoyment in flying the beaver but have a problem. I do not know how to use the two monitors I have and I like to put on #2 monitor The radio stack, the Gps and a cockpit view then on main monitor or the 1st the outside lockspot view but I do not know how to accomplish this set up and really would appreciate any comments as to how to accomplish this. If you would be a bit detail in explaning will be great. thanks eray9s PS I am using window 7 and fsx
  4. this may be a duplication as I think I brought it up before but cannot locate any thing on it so here goes again. Where do I find the mentioned mission perhaps all I may need is how to locate it> Thanks eray9s (elmer)
  5. Jim thanks for reply. Yes that is what I would like so please send me what I need. Thanks again eray eray9s@sbcglobal.net
  6. I regret having to post this but I need help. All the other planes I have I can drag instrument panels, gps, radio, what ever I need to create a 2nd monitor carrying all instruments needed and at same time have my plane in F11 locked spot and have very good control of flight but I seem to be a bumbling idiot trying to accomplish same thing with Beaver. I ask for any and all comments that will perhaps enlighten me as to how I can accomplish the above and enjoy beaver. Its not my intention to get accused of throwing rocks as all I want to do is learn what everyone else has, I guess, already l
  7. Hodge01 Thanks for cooperation..Hope your correct and it will be simple. eray9s at eray9s@sbcglobal.net
  8. It would be nice to have a nice gps to read and if a person that is not very educated in computers can do what is neccessary I would appreciate your sending me what is needede to make the change. Thanks eray at eray9s@sncglobal.net
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