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  1. I have done several turnaround flights (this aircraft is great for doing that) while flying on VATSIM and have not had this issue at all. What is different for my setup however is I don't start cold and dark, but ready to start state (going off memory so may not be what it is called) and I have all the experimental updates installed. I am also using GSX and so far have not had to reset GSX or anything like that and also had no issues with the checklist, which starts over after the countdown timer has concluded.
  2. No files were updated by the tool and nothing pending update, shows 4.7.2 Windows 10 April 2018 installed. Just really odd. It does not affect connection to vPilot, actual tuning of frequencies, or anything like that as long as I do the workaround of changing to ready for takeoff state then choose another state after. Nice little .net tool though, was not aware of it.
  3. Since installing the latest experimental update and flying on VATSIM, the standby comm freq has an extra .15. for example if I tune 122.80 and then the standby freq will have 122.815 if I move the dial around. Not a huge deal, I have to transfer the freq back over and then change again and it works, but was not present before. I hope I did not confuse anyone.
  4. Have you asked this on the Airhauler 2 early access forums? Also, are you running the DC-8 in networked mode checked in air hauler options? I don't have the DC-8 yet but I run Airhauler 2 for every flight with P3Dv4 with multiple aircraft including Aerosoft Airbus pro in networked mode mostly because the aircraft are so complex.
  5. Uh oh, now I can't tune the frequency. freq is 120.570 and Airbus radio does 120.575.
  6. Well, at least I can use voice for the moment. Also happy to know I am not crazy. (yet)
  7. I am about to enter a controller's airspace, did this affect voice?
  8. I am not sure if anyone has flown the aircraft on Vatsim. Is anyone having an issue typing and transmitting text in Unicom when flying the A319? Seems to be the only aircraft where I am having that issue. Maybe someone much smarter than I am can shed some light on that.
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