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  1. Hi all I have FSX installed in its own SSD drive But due to lack of space I wish to install my Scenery onto a sperate spare Drive. In simple terms how do you do this, step by step would be appreiciated Thank you in advance Chief60
  2. Hi Just a quick update, Problem solved " I think ".!!! It seems FSC V8.6, and other V i presume, Will only operate in Windowed Mode. Where as Triplehead2GO Works in Full screen Mode with FSC working away unseen Behind a black screen, So to use both programmes it involves swithing between full screen and Windowed Mode, At the moment this procedure is working as long as you remember to switch Modes before trying to Work with FSC Thanks chief60
  3. Hi I have installed FSC V8.6 into FS2004 Running in win 7, Everything works as normal using single or two Monitors, But everything goes haywire when I switch to Triple head2go, Eather FS2004 crashes to desktop but will recover leaving FSC with a totaly BLACK screen, OR FS2004 will carry on running Normally and FSC will Go to Black screen, If i return to single screen mode FSC returns to normal running on seperate Monitor This definatley seems to be a compatability problem Between FSCommander and Triplehead2go Has anyone got any answers Please. Chief60
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