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  1. On two separate occasions I've had both engines randomly fail inflight while descending on arrivals in the A321 both IAE and CFM models. A friend of mine has also experienced the same problem with the A320 IAE in cruise. Completely random and we have not been able to determine a cause. Both of us own the A318/A319 as well and have not experienced this problem with those models.
  2. What did you have to change the model to? I'm having difficulty figuring out which one to use. Thanks!
  3. Is there a method for getting old Airbus X liveries compatible with Airbus Professional? I had tried a couple of Frontier ones, but didn't have much luck.
  4. Looks like the American A321 livery seen in the preview pictures didn't make it into the installer. Is there anywhere to access it or will it just be rolled out in a later version? Thanks.
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