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  1. CRJ Driver

    Random Double Engine Failure Inflight

    On two separate occasions I've had both engines randomly fail inflight while descending on arrivals in the A321 both IAE and CFM models. A friend of mine has also experienced the same problem with the A320 IAE in cruise. Completely random and we have not been able to determine a cause. Both of us own the A318/A319 as well and have not experienced this problem with those models.
  2. CRJ Driver

    American A321 livery

    What did you have to change the model to? I'm having difficulty figuring out which one to use. Thanks!
  3. CRJ Driver

    American A321 livery

    Is there a method for getting old Airbus X liveries compatible with Airbus Professional? I had tried a couple of Frontier ones, but didn't have much luck.
  4. You should definitely make this for the A321
  5. Looks like the American A321 livery seen in the preview pictures didn't make it into the installer. Is there anywhere to access it or will it just be rolled out in a later version? Thanks.
  6. I've only just now gotten around to posting about these, but I've noticed a couple of problems since the launch of this product. I have the latest version and am operating on P3D v3. First, the Fix page does not allow you to plug in an airport. It seems to only take waypoints or navaids. Second, the +/- key does not function. So if I wanted to create a fix for crossing restriction purposes say 30nm my side of KMSP airport, I cannot do that. In the actual aircraft, that can be accomplished one of two ways. First, you can put into the legs page KMSP/-30 *LSK L1, EXEC*. The second way is to plug KMSP into the Fix page and create a 30nm range ring around it. After doing so, if you hit LSK 1L and plug what it puts in your scratchpad into the legs page, it will create that fix. With the latest update, doing that will create KMSP/30. The problem with that is that is 30nm on the other side of the airport which doesn't do you any good. The second method is handy if you you were on a route like KMSP WLSTN7 GRB KGRB and you have not been cleared direct the KGRB airport yet, but you still need to create a crossing restriction. You can't just make one from the GRB VOR because it's not located on the airport. So you can use that second method from the fix page to plug in before the GRB VOR and it should create a fix along your current route of flight that is still 30nm from the KGRB airport. That function doesn't seem to work either. Thanks, CRJ Driver
  7. Good Afternoon, After the latest update, I have noticed after switching to imperial units in the CRJ Manager that it changed all temperatures on the MFD and FMS to Fahrenheit. Those should still be in Celsius. The only thing that should be imperial is the fuel and weights which should be in pounds. Thanks. I am using P3D 4.3 CRJ Driver
  8. I am operating the latest CRJ Version on Windows 10 64 bit and P3D v4. I have tried three methods to change my fuel load in the simulator: Through the Aerosoft CRJ Manager, through the tablet in the VC, through the fuel and payload manager in the sim's alt menu. All three times, the fuel load changes to what I set it to temporarily but after a second or two reverts back to a full load. I have tried under five scenarios: with only the APU on, with the APU on and one engine operating, with only one engine operating with no APU, with both engines operating and no APU, with both engines and APU operating, but to no avail. I have also noticed that as fuel is burned, the tanks are automatically refilling to maximum capacity.