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  1. My own experience as a new user of CumulusX! v 9.11 without older version usage and with experience with CCS2004 from FS9: - after first cumulus startup continued with "Quick Start in AutoThermal Mode" - after connect "You should now see a number of thermal clouds around you." but clouds nowhere .-( .-) - after few minutes with lot of experimentation i found, that thermal vizualization must be ON in weather FSX settings .-) I thing, that it will be good to take this in installation steps.. and add step add scenery to scenery library .-) for totally unfamiliar people .-) Thats all .-) I know, this is only banality and it is normal at first state of development, that documentation isn´t finish and perfect, but due this a lot of "less-sedulity" people take condor becouse as thay say it is RTF (by click ready to fly) .-) .-( For complexity of installation a lot of people in our comunity never try CCS .-( I wrote help in our language but it dosn´t help too .-( -) Sněhulák .-)
  2. Hi to All .-) thx very much to Peter for new version 0.911 .-) I confirm too, that it works on vista 64 without problems !-) I attached my experience from first run to feedback section. Now is finally time to try possibilities of CumulusX!! .-) Thx. Sněhulák .-)
  3. Hello dear soaring pilots !-) without problems flying with CCS2004 in FS9 with slo data for my homebase LKKR and nearest mountain Jeseníky.. Perfect !-) Wave as strong ridge works so little too .-)) but not so much realisticly.. .-) Now i would like to try CumulusX! My problem is that i have installed only XP 64b. and Vista 64b. .-( Clear installation of FSX + SP1 + SP2 + FSUIPC... Installed CumulusX! as wrote in readme.. After start FS X and load saved fly in window mode startup CumulusX! and after few seconds give this reports: Is here some problems on my side? or CumulusX! is still not compatibile with 64bit..? Thx for answers, glider pilot Sněhulák (SnowMan) from Czech FS community ;-) As my "infoadd" to your great work here is real proportion of sing and lift in WAVE after KRKONOSE MAPS HERE mountains as computed by metheorological model of Czech Best Metheorologer Jan Horák :-) with you can find here: http://www.gliding.cz/Meteo/horac/vlna click in place you want to show diagram.... VLNOREZ = in eng. cross-section of Wave flow
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