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  1. Will your MSFS CRJ have any 2D cockpits or just 3D?





  2. Thanks for the reply. Here is my feedback: 1. Changed the path and it works. Thanks. 2. KPHX is a Flightbeam airport and updated to the v5HF2 version. 4. I cleaned out a number of files and loading time has decreased.
  3. Thanks for the reply. Yes, I have read the manual and also watched your Youtube walk through and what I posted doesn't seem to work. 1. Here is a screenshot of the Program Settings: and here is a screenshot of the contents of E:\Documents\Prepar3D v5 Files e: Something isn't right here. 2. Yes to both questions. In fact, I have run 'Refresh Airports' 3 times. And, I have noticed that in the Start Position dialog, the 'add-on' box is not checked for my add-ons (like ORBX PAJN, which is active according to the system). 3. Thanks for the clarification!! The debug log is attached. 20200708-14h00m03_SIMstarterNG_DebugPackage.zip
  4. HI again: Newbie here. 1. I am having a problem trying to use the "Saved Flight" option. Is one supposed to be able to access my list of saved flights? Why aren't my flights showing up in the dropdown (see screenshot below)? When I select Simstarter NG nothing really happens that I can see. Am using P3D v5 HF2. Or is there someplace else to load the flight? 2. Problems with "Show Gates of Airline" when I select an activated airport (as an example KPHX which is active in the XML manager), nothing is found -- see below screenshot. It seems that something should be found. 3. I am using the run manager and have tried using both the 'kill' and 'close' options to close the loaded applications once P3D closes. Nothing works. here is a screenshot of m Run Manager: 4. Finally, is it supposed to take 45 seconds to a minute to refresh/load screens? It feels very sluggish. As a contrast, Photoshop loads very quickly which is very resource intensive. I have turned off many of the auto-refresh functions and it still takes a long time. That should do it for now. Many thanks, Peter
  5. Worked like a charm. Many thanks!
  6. Thanks Peter (nice name by the way ...). One more question -- in the Run Manager, I need to start P3D using Display Changer 2 since I run P3D at 30Hz refresh and want the remainder of my PC usage to be at 60Hz refresh. In the Shortcut properties this is the command that (1) changes to 30Hz, (2) starts P3D and (3) when P3D closes returns the graphics setting to 60Hz. I have tried pasting the command in but one apparently can't do a paste, you need to use the Explorer like function. So here is the command line: Y:\dc2_1.5.0\dc2.exe -configure="y:\dc2_1.5.0\p3d30hz.xml" "e:\prepar3d v5\prepar3d.exe" Is there anyway to use this in the Run Manager? Thanks! Peter
  7. Hi: Newbie to Simstarter NG P3D. Using the latest P3D HF2. Is there anyway to have a discovery path for non-xml airports/sceneries? I have a lot (like Megascenery) and can't seem to find a Discovery Path option other than in xml add-ons. Thanks! Peter
  8. Hi Mathijs: Will Aspen Extended be updated for use In P3d v4?


    Many thanks



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