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  1. Looks great! When wil this be ready? Very sharp attention to detail - well done!
  2. ctcav8r


    Is this the same J* Livery as this one in the livery forum: The clarity of the textures seem to be quite different. On a seperate note - are the installer packages for different areas of the world still going to be released?
  3. Yeah I was wondering the same thing. Will there be a pre-order special price for the download version like there is for the boxed version? Really excited about this release!! Phil
  4. Sweet! My search through this forum has ended!! Pity this post wasn't in the first half of posts haha. GREAT Jetstar livery... Me want!!! I know a lot of people say "yeah, I thought it was the real plane I was lookin at..." but MATE! The 2nd & 3rd pics are fantastic! I was scrolling down thinking someone had posted pics off to show a repainter the scheme. Great job FSXAddict!
  5. Air New Zealand!!! Just to satisfy us downunder!!
  6. Hi there, I live in New Zealand and would love to see your model in RNZAF colours: This is the newer low vis paint scheme - can get better images of insignia if you need it Cheers
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