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  1. thanks so much Shaun for the help and info. pierre
  2. Hello Shaun thanks for the reply and help very much appreciate. usely the screenshots of airport home made by aerosoft what ai traffic do you use? which ai traffic do you recommend? beautiful airplanes and not so much impact on fps? thanks and nice week end nice flights to your all Pierre
  3. Hi Shaun, I ve bought the scenery, its beautiful ! but any news about the wonderful ai traffic we see on the pictures? Aerosoft sale it? thanks in advance for help Pierre
  4. hello Shaun, thanks so much for the help i appreciate nice week end and fly safe ! Pierre
  5. hello seems to be a very beautiful scenery and i think i will buy it. but a short question : wich ai trafic is used on the pictures of the scenery we see here on the forum or in different e shops fot buying zurich ? the planes are so beautiful in different liveries ! thanks in advance for the answer. have nice filghts ! Pierre
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