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  1. It was Düsseldorf to Baretta Bastia. EDDL/23L MODRU1K MODRU Z283 RITAX UT27 GTQ UN852 GILIR DCT GVA DCT BALSI UN852 RETNO UM728 NARTI UP991 NIRDO NIRDO5N LFKB/34 That was the actual Route.
  2. It has nothing to do with alignment, The flight plan was loaded in with manual SID configuration. That has nothing to do with the PFD.
  3. I said, IRS alignment didnt change anything. I was in alignment process, but after alignment it didnt change anything.
  4. Please read my Post carefully!
  5. The only thing now we could do, is parking the CRJ in the hangar for maintanance. Thrust issue still there and Glideslope even more worse. The CRJ needs a big "D" Check!
  6. Often I have a disco on my ND but not having a disco in my FLP. Also in this situation the Aircraft does not follow my flight plan. Everything already checked. And no it hasnt changed after Alignment.
  7. Same issue here. Thrust drops on approach on its own. It keeps not the manual selected thrust. Also thrust jumping is still an issue. If I reduce the thrust, it goes down and up again. It is exactly the same behavior as before, not even 1% better. Already re-adjust my throttles calibration. No change.
  8. Better a good cabin like you have made, than no cabin and just flying a Cockpit with a big hole behind. I like that cabin, it is not the greatest and not the badest cabin. Its good.
  9. Same here, Seems like Hydraulic sounds when gear up and clunk sound when gear down sounds are missing. Would very much appreciate it, if this could be implemented in one of the future updates. Watched some videos and from the cabin you can hear that very clearly, and from cockpit rather barely, but it is audible.
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