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  1. Hello all captains, I tried to fly around after downloading this fix file and then it looks like this issue has been satisfactorily resolved. Many thanks to the Aerosoft team for the timely fix. In my opinion, AS330 is acceptable now. Eric P.S. If you are interested you can refer to this topic:
  2. Hey all, The issues mentioned in this post now seem to have been acceptedly resolved. Please check this topic: And thank the Aerosoft team very quickly release this fix. Eric P.S. Administrator can feel free to close this topic.
  3. Thanks all you captains replied above! Made me convinced that I'm not alone in encountering this problem. A330 is one of my favourite airplanes and I look forward to have a flyable A330 in FSX/P3D for many years. I hope and thank the Aerosoft team for improving this product in subsequent updates.
  4. Thanks for your reply! Yep, of course. My default settings as same as Manual vol. 1 's recommend settings. Perhaps I have to get used to this wide-body bus. As for the problem that the FCU is too dim, thank you for your answer and it has been solved perfectly! Anyway thanks a lot for your help! I really enjoy your A330 product. Eric
  5. Hello, captains This topic mainly discusses about weird flight control feeling - flight control feels so unstable (floating? fluttering?) and rolling with few seconds delays . At the beginning of this post I apologize my first language isn’t English, so please forgive me for any grammar errors, thank you! First and foremost, I noticed a special note about the feel of flight control in the product manual, for whose fly the airbus at first time. I’m not newbie to Airbus, I flew many models of different add-on buses (Sorry for mentioning other companies, no offense), such
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